Water Strainer Mod is a simple mod for alternate resource generation by filtering water. A strainer catches general items (such as Sand, Gravel, Sticks, Clay, …) while it’s inside water. They are breakable, but can be build out of different...[Read More]

Biome Paint Tools Mod allows people to change biome on certain position using pencil. How does it work? Craft biome pencil. (or use empty pencil) Sneak-right-click on the grass (or any other block). This will configure pencil to biome on th...[Read More]

Sync Mod allows you to create a clone of yourself and change between bodies. This is extremely useful because you can keep different inventories on each clone, and if you die you will be transported to another clone instead of dying. The cl...[Read More]

Resource Loader Mod is meant to be used together with Custom Main Menu Mod and Custom Backgrounds Mod but it can be used with any other mod that can take resource locations for config options. It allows users to add their own resources to m...[Read More]

Shatter Mod adds a brand new effect that happens when in combat mode. Typically when you attack mobs they just fall over, disappear, and reward you with a little bit of XP. However, with this mod, mobs will now split into various body parts...[Read More]

Compacter Mod adds a single simple block: the Compacter. Compacter relies on an internal inventory and external I/O (e.g. hoppers, ducts). Compacter can intelligently compact materials recursively and does everything it can in a single tick...[Read More]

MrCrayfish’s Furniture Mod is a furniture supplier that adds over 40 pieces of furniture to decorate your bedroom, kitchen, living room and even your garden. List of Furniture: Bedside Cabinet Wooden Table Wooden Chair Cabinet Wooden Coffee...[Read More]

You know back in the days, when you played GTA and used the cheat code for a tank, and then went on and caused mayhem? This mod is like that, except for tinker tools and the cheatcode takes longer to enter. Tinkers’ Tool Leveling Mod gives ...[Read More]

Chimneys Mod adds the concept “chimneys” to Minecraft. These chimneys emit smoke particles provided the chimney blocks are glued or attached above or on the back of a fire or oven. We can even mix the different variants of blocks of chimney...[Read More]

Advanced Hook Launchers Mod provides you with different hooks with launchers which give you ability to climb, abseil, jump off the cliffs, pull entities or players, and even slay the dragons. I hope you will enjoy this mod and have good exp...[Read More]

UniDict Mod is a mod to unify all the things. When we play modded Minecraft, several mods based on their progression add Copper, Tin, Silver, Lead… But since a lot of mods add these common resources, we start to have a lot of equivalent ite...[Read More]

Ender Zoo Mod adds new mobs into Minecraft. You will find new skeletons, witches, crazy cats, wolves, and much more. This mod also adds in potions, tnt, and new enchantments. This mod focuses primarily on a small collection of endearing fai...[Read More]

To put it simply, Better With Mods Mod is a personal passion project. The more direct answer is that it is a reimagining of the FlowerChild’s Better Than Wolves Mod, utilizing the standards set by the Beta 1.7.3 version, adapting and adding...[Read More]

Garden of Glass Skybox Mod is a standalone of Botania’s Garden of Glass skybox. The code is all copy pasted from Botania. More fun with skybox effects. Requires: Minecraft Forge Botania Mod Baubles Mod How to install: Make sure you have alr...[Read More]

Psi Mod is a magical tech spell programming mod inspired by Mahouka. The core of Psi is a system where you can create action sequences (“Spells”) to be executed in the world. Just look to the left of this text for some examples. This system...[Read More]

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