Mod Part 0: Default Portal Gun Atlas’ Portal Gun P-Body’s Portal Gun Bacon Gun Fire Portals with the left and right mouse buttons. Zoom in and out with the middle mouse button. Grab blocks or entities with the “G” button. Reset portals with...[Read More]

Signal Arm Blank Sign Whistle Sign 5MPH (Slow) Sign Limited Clearance Sign Limited Refuge Sign Semaphore Standard Semaphore Repeater Banner Repeater Grass Track Platform Platform Edge Platform Edge With Line

This section describes how you could configure Scenter, version 3.0.0 (or later). Please note that Scenter has two config files of which actually only one is effectively used. Scenter.cfg – This file is currently unused (it contains only a ...[Read More]

Currently the Mod adds the following creatures: Ents Ents are peaceful creatures that will be immune to any kind of weapons but axes. They attract nearby small creatures and spawn small plants. Moles Moles are very shy and hide underground ...[Read More]

Blocks: Multiple decor blocks including blood infused glass, ice, slate storage blocks, and more! Lighting and Cake: The cake never disappears! It does use your LP though The cake never disappears! It does use your LP though Blood TNT: A la...[Read More]

Weapons: Fire Blaster Requires fire charges to use Snow Blaster Requires Snowballs to use Ice Sword Hit mobs with slowness Lightning Axe Right click a block to summon lightning Healing Wand Kills undead mobs, heals other mobs TNT Blaster Re...[Read More]

Features: Weapons: Fire Cannon – Requires fire charge for ammo – put new fire cannon in crafting table for infinity Snow Blaster – Requires Snowballs for ammo – put new snow blaster in crafting table for infinity Lightning Axe – Right click...[Read More]

Cooking Tools Bakeware, Pot, Cutting Board, Mortar and Pestle Juicer, Mixer, Skillet, Saucepan How Crops Work Crops in HarvestCraft work by default a bit differently than in vanilla Minecraft. There are two kinds of crops–normal and re-grow...[Read More]

ORES The two ores have the exact same spawning conditions/frequency, so it’s hard to say what you’ll find first. HolyOre: HolyOre is a cross that has been imbedded in stone by the harsh pressure of the crust above it. It was probably used b...[Read More]

Items: Holy Cross Holy Cross Shard Blood Pentagram Blood Pentagram Shard Tools: Holy Pickaxe Holy Sword Demonic Pickaxe Demonic Sword Armors: Holy Armor Demonic Armor

Plastic Dust: Hardened Plastic: Helmet: Wheel: Tardis: Segway: Unicycle: Hoverboard: Swegway: The Hoverboard, Swegway, and Unicycle can be dyed with these colors: Martys Hoverboard:

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