Does Anyone Know LogDotZip’s Texyre Pack?

Does Anyone Know LogDotZip’s Texture Pack?

Minecraft won’t start: EXCEPTION_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION (0xc000001d)

Hey There, when I start Minecraft 1.8, the loading screen pops up, and closes after 3 seconds. The hs_err_pid3644.log is:, The launcher log is: (Both open in new tab) Thank you!! and...[Read More]

Village for mod

Hi I’m not good at modding, but i’m pretty good at building. So if anyone is making a mod that needs a custom village for there mod just let me know. They are in the process of being built at the moment, but when they are done I...[Read More]

**Please help me undo whatever i did to make my xbox not work?

I tried to install dragon mod and when i moved it back to my xbox i am no longer able to access my games and my profiles are missing parts of them what do i do to fix it??

Minecraft Start Elevator

Hello everyone! This is my first ever minecraft video. It is a short movie I made and I hope you like it :).

Opportunity; Be a part of something great 1.8.8

I’ve finished up a 3 year long metropolis on 360 now back to PC. going to start something ascetically wonderful on here looking for people to share their creative side on my server. First come first serve. Everyone deserves a chance. ...[Read More]

ps3 minecraft

What’s up guy’s arrowcoy here and i would love to play minecraft for ps3 so come on and lets play

Windows 10 Beta Using Old Saves (1.8.8)

I have recently downloaded Windows 10 but was unable to play Minecraft due to Driver Incompatibility (no update due to Intel chipboard problems). So, regrettably, I downloaded the free copy of Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta – Which in its...[Read More]

my server got an error, dont know the cause

hi guys, I have an question, uhm i was playing minecraft on my server, out of nothing i get kicked out and get the error that the state engine was incorrect. Since i was already playing it cant be the eula. Ihave seriously no idea where it ...[Read More]

Check Out my videos

Hey guys, Check out my videos. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.  

How do you copy structures from one server to another?

Hi, my names Luke I would like to know how to copy buildings from one server to the next. I have access to world edit on both. I’m op on both. I also have the ftp details for one of them (my server). I have forge installed on my end. ...[Read More]

Looking for Citizens for the Kingdom of Venzola! (XBOX ONE)

Looking for players to join the Kingdom of Venzola. You may accept a profession and trade your goods with others or simply live and build in the Kingdom. We have a player made NPC village and at least one natural village out there. Add SCrE...[Read More]

Custom Dimension Portal

Hi guys I would like to ask is there any way to create a dimension portal like the End portal or just the simple Nether portal is the working one? Thank you for your answers.

My first minecraft video! Only vanilla for right now! Looking to do modded here soon!!

SENCESERVERS || New server listing site!

What is SenceServers? We are a Minecraft server list with a nice appeal! We will give your your server a chance to be seen and to bring players to your server. Our Minecraft server list is eye catching and will soon bring many impressions t...[Read More]

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