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Does Anyone Know LogDotZip’s Texyre Pack?

Does Anyone Know LogDotZip’s Texture Pack? Read More »

Minecraft won’t start: EXCEPTION_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION (0xc000001d)

Hey There, when I start Minecraft 1.8, the loading screen pops up, and closes after 3 seconds. The hs_err_pid3644.log is: http://pastebin.com/xzJsJqtW, The launcher... Read More »

Village for mod

Hi I’m not good at modding, but i’m pretty good at building. So if anyone is making a mod... Read More »

**Please help me undo whatever i did to make my xbox not work?

I tried to install dragon mod and when i moved it back to my xbox i am no longer... Read More »

Minecraft Start Elevator

Hello everyone! This is my first ever minecraft video. It is a short movie I made and I hope... Read More »

Opportunity; Be a part of something great 1.8.8

I’ve finished up a 3 year long metropolis on 360 now back to PC. going to start something ascetically... Read More »

ps3 minecraft

What’s up guy’s arrowcoy here and i would love to play minecraft for ps3 so come on and lets... Read More »

Windows 10 Beta Using Old Saves (1.8.8)

I have recently downloaded Windows 10 but was unable to play Minecraft due to Driver Incompatibility (no update due... Read More »

my server got an error, dont know the cause

hi guys, I have an question, uhm i was playing minecraft on my server, out of nothing i get... Read More »

Check Out my videos

Hey guys, Check out my videos. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/embed/0dIuPaEovKs   Read More »

How do you copy structures from one server to another?

Hi, my names Luke I would like to know how to copy buildings from one server to the next.... Read More »

Looking for Citizens for the Kingdom of Venzola! (XBOX ONE)

Looking for players to join the Kingdom of Venzola. You may accept a profession and trade your goods with... Read More »

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