[1.10] 2 Fast 4 You Map Download

Have you ever wanted to Parkour really fast? Well, now you can. In 2 Fast 4 map, parkour is lightspeed fast for all 15 Stages.  

[1.10] Don’t Jump Map Download

YOU CAN NOT JUMP! There are thirty levels in total. Your Mission for each Level – any way to get to the next Level! Three levels of difficulty: Easy (10 Levels), Normal (10 Levels) and Hard (10 Levels) = 30 Levels!  

[1.10] Hidden Buttons 5 Map Download

It contains 10 levels. All of them are unique and different from each other.  

[1.10] MoveBlock Map Download

In this map you will need to solve nine puzzles by moving blocks to the side so that you can escape the room.  

[1.9.4] 1 Heart Parkour Map Download

It’s a lot more difficult than having 10 Minecraft hearts. In this map you must jump down, find the chest and press the button. The catch? You only have one heart while attempting it.

[1.10] Unique Parkour 2 Map Download

This is Unique Parkour 2, an awesome unique parkour map featuring ten very unique types of parkour! Since this is the sequel, the second map means double the awesomeness, which is why there are ten, not five types of parkour. The ten unique...[Read More]

[1.10] WakeDown Map Download

Here come a great puzzle map with no Parkour! Just awesome Puzzles to solve in Minecraft! Wakedown Puzzle map. Features: This map will make you think. 7 Challenging levels of puzzles will not let you get bored. In the map there is no parkou...[Read More]

[1.10] Find That Button Map Download

There are 12 levels, 3 of which are secret! Keep you eyes open for them.  

[1.10] 26 Jumps Map Download

26 difficult levels, 26 difficult jumps, more attempts. Execute a difficult jump at each level to win. You can rage and hate this map, but you shouldn’t be used console commands.

[1.10] Biome Dropper Map Download

This map will take you on a journey through 14 different dropper levels. Some are easy, others are more difficult but they all have the same goal: amaze you with the beauty of the most important biome. The goal of a dropper is to (as the na...[Read More]

[1.9] Dream of Omniscient Map Download

Dream of Omniscient by Ronin BT.  

[1.10] Dream of Omniscient Map Download

Dream of Omniscient by Ronin BT.  

[1.8.9] Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Map Download

This epic custom map Minecraft Five Nights At Freddys map is a recreation of the Five Nights At Freddys 3 horror game recreated in Minecraft with command block creations, jump scares, scary music, cameras, and much more! How to play: Use Yo...[Read More]

[1.9.4] Slow-Fast Map Download

There are thirty levels in total. Your Mission for each Level – guess slow- and quick-game sounds and get to the next Level!  

[1.10] Lord of Gravitation Map Download

Do you want to be a God of Gravity? Do you want to control villagers’ lives? Do you want to change gravity? Then welcome to map “Lord of Gravitation”. In this map you’ll need to change gravity and lead the poor villager to netherbrick – he ...[Read More]

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