The world of Minecraft is huge. Just as it’s huge, there are so many mobs of different kinds that thrive in it. However, nobody in the world of Minecraft has the ability of talking. Sometimes, one might feel lonely roaming around the world ...[Read More]

Don’t you just feel bad when you die in a battle just because you have trouble double tapping for sprinting? Also, a lot of times when you are chasing down on something, double tapping often slows you down. Now let’s put an end to this! The...[Read More]

I’m sure every one of you must have heard of Stone Age. It was a period long before now and it’s been completely replaced with modern technology and sophisticated tools. For those of you who want know how it was like back then, try the Thro...[Read More]

Have you ever looked at the durability of a breaking tool and wondered why the developers of minecraft had made the durability bar so different to other games. For most games there are usually much easier and clearer ways for you to find ou...[Read More]

You know those times when you just need to see the name of the mob to be sure about what it is, for example when a skeleton jockey glitches out and the spider disappears from underneath the skeleton and you don’t notice the double threat un...[Read More]

What’s My Light Level Mod is for you if you like to get technical in Minecraft, if you have ever built a farm in Minecraft or a mobs spawner I guarantee you will think this Mod is usefull, and you may possibly download it for next time you ...[Read More]

MCMMP!!! From the name mod pack you may think that this is not good. BUT before you click back, do you feel lazy to download some mods that you like? Or you failed to download and all of you saves are gone? Try this pack. MCMMP Mod pack is ...[Read More]

Have you ever wanted something more to minecraft than ordinary weapons and armors? Maybe what you do have already is to expensive to craft for what it actually helps you achieve. What about a weapon that will last you a lifetime, something ...[Read More]

Have you ever gathered around the fire with the other players that share your world? Have you told or have been told the stories of the rare monsters that roam the night. Creatures such as Spider-Jockeys, A skeleton which sits itself on the...[Read More]

Hello my fellow minecrafters of the world! Milkman here again to show you the SuperFlat++ mod for Minecraft 1.3.2. Dont you hate it when you start your flat world and it looks cool and all but there is a problem which many people hate! The ...[Read More]

If you remember the 1.3 beta there was a thing called quick mining. If you were mining a block then quickly released and pressed the left mouse again the next block would mine faster! This was removed by Jeb and since that the delay was cha...[Read More]

Sim U Kraft Mod is like sim city and the sims mixed together in minecraft, you don’t have to go around harvest farms, or dig ores anymore since there are people around for you to employ now. Sim-U-Kraft is one of the most interesting mod yo...[Read More]

Extraterrestial creatures have always had a special place in the hearts of human beings. So it comes as no surprise that Minecraft has decided to integrate the creatures into the game as well! Aliens have always been one of the most annoyin...[Read More]

Have you ever felt like a hunter but you had no chance of doing that? Have you felt like Bear Grylls but never got lost or maybe you just want to hunt some minecrafters? If yes then this mod is just for you! This mod features 5 traps and 3 ...[Read More]

By reading the name of this mod, you might think it’s just another ordinary mod with pistons. Actually, you’re right. It’s just an ordinary mod with pistons. But those pistons are not ordinary pistons. In More Pistons Mod, you’ll have more ...[Read More]

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