I’m sure that most Minecraft players have faced the problem of not being able to find a good view to build your lovely home… Or sometimes you just can’t be bothered travelling far distances to find a certain biome to build on. Biome Terrain...[Read More]

One hell of a Mod I have to say, it did not just add some great new stuff to this game but it also give alittle bit of story line that will bring you to the world of ancients and fantasy. Have you ever watched “lord of the rings”? right i g...[Read More]

If you ever feel like loving something that is not human, the first thing you might think of is a dog. Dogs in reality might be hard to tame and train but here in minecraft… easy. These dogs are talented, sometimes even smarther than you, t...[Read More]

The Classic Light Mod basically goes back in Minecraft and returns to the pervious lighting system. This was the time before we had smooth lighting and before changes where made to the light coloring model in Minecraft. A lot of people love...[Read More]

Playing Minecraft is fun, but creating a model in Minecraft is not that fun. Sometimes it was so hard to build a model block-by-block, am I right? Turbo Model Thingy will make this even more complicated! but wait.. don’t turn your fac...[Read More]

This Elemental ArrowMods simply adds 4 new types of arrows to the game. They are explosive arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows and the last but not least egg arrows. All of them are proofen useful in lots of ways (except the last one which is t...[Read More]

No her’s Luck’s Edge is technically an iron sword, but what “major” thing that cause the defference between the luck’s edge and the iron sword is the effects. Luck’s Edge is an Iron Sword embled with luck...[Read More]

Minecraft, what a beautiful game who thought a game about blocks could ever be so beautiful. But with the amazing mountains and multi-biomes Minecraft adds up to be a pretty beautiful game. But then you see the water, just blue. No depth, o...[Read More]

Yes. Again, this is one of the most awesome Mod in the forums. All those Aether Mod, Better Than Wolves, and many more awesome + big Mods are here at Minecraft DL Talking about the Clay Soldier Mod, there are soo many things to explain abou...[Read More]

Minecraft 1.2.5 is here, and it wont be long until Single Player Commands Mod for Minecraft is updated too. If you aren’t aware of the Single Player Commands Mod, it’s the Mod that gives you the ability to type commands into your game and d...[Read More]

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