WAILA Plugins Mod adds more mod compability to Waila. The benefit of this is you are able to see information about their blocks in the WAILA HUD. With WAILA Plugins the following information is added to the Waila panel if possible: Currentl...[Read More]

No More Recipe Conflict Mod allows multiple recipes sharing the same crafting layout to be crafted, the player being able to choose using either a cycle button, or a new key binding. How many recipes are conflicting is also displayed. If yo...[Read More]

ActuallyComputers Mod adds the ability to get and set specified values at ActuallyAdditions machines from a OpenComputers program. It’s a simple mod that doesn’t add blocks or item, you only need a adapter block besides the ActuallyAddition...[Read More]

TattleTail Mod is a mod based on the scary game Tattletail. This mod adds tattletails to Minecraft including the scary Mama Tattletail. Features: Items: Purple TattleTail Yellow TattleTail Blue TattleTail Snowglobe TattleTail Nightnight Tat...[Read More]

Dragon Realm mod adds three unique Dragons, each with different attack and health values, that will spawn in all dimensions. Each dragon can have their attack/health values customizable in the config file. Dragons do NOT cause damage to blo...[Read More]

TeleToro Mod is a teleportation mod for Minecraft. At its core, this mod’s primary intention is to open up a way for players to travel large distances while still keeping balanced and interesting game play. Instead of teleporting a player f...[Read More]

Long Fall Boots Mod adds boots that negate all fall damage when you wear them. Inspired by the Long Fall Boots found in the game: Portal Gun Mod. Features: Jump off cliffs and not take a single ounce of damage. Flight up in a jetpack and no...[Read More]

Project Red is all about tech. If you love redstone, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Project: Red mod allows you to do so many things, and in a lot cleaner and more compact environment then doing them with normal redstone would...[Read More]

Mod Name Tooltip Mod shows an ItemStack’s mod name on its tooltip. Unlike bigger mods, this one has no interaction with other mods so it is extremely reliable. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install: Make sure you have already installed M...[Read More]

Architect Mod provides a small toolset to make building repetitive structures a breeze. It allows creating Blueprints (patterns) of structures in the world using a simple but powerful selection system: single blocks can be toggled to be inc...[Read More]

PlusTiC Mod adds integration of Tinkers Construct with some other mods. This also adds a toggle GUI that allows one to enable/disable certain modifiers (Global Traveler, Mana, etc.). Press “I” to open it while a tool with such a modifier is...[Read More]

Custom Starter Gear Mod allows you to control exactly what items players start with when they login for the first time. Features: Removes books/manuals and any other items given by other mods. If you want these items you can just add them y...[Read More]

Living Fish Mod adds the Minecraft fish as living entities to catch and breed. Recipes and Function: Fishingrod: Aquarium: You can fill the empty aquarium with a bucket of water. Also you can drain it again with an empty bucket. Attention! ...[Read More]

Compact Machines Mod adds one simple game mechanic: Small rooms inside of blocks. It basically gives you the ability to build your contraptions inside of a single block. Each side of a Compact Machine has a small buffer for items, fluids an...[Read More]

Hungry Animals Mod changes vanilla animals’ feeding activity and AI. It gives animals in Minecraft a more realistic tone. They are naturally more afraid of you and other people so taming must be practiced carefully or by use of traps. You’l...[Read More]

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