[1.11.2] Additional Resources Mod Download

Additional Resources Mod adds loose resources to the game without needing the user to install a texture pack. It is mainly designed for mods that have user-defined content that needs to be loaded as a resource. It has no GUI itself. Usage: ...[Read More]

[1.11.2] TrashSlot Mod Download

Easy on the Environment. This mod adds a trash slot to the inventory screen that allows deletion of unwanted items. Features: Trash Slot to delete items by dropping them into it Untrashing of the last trash item in case of mistakes by takin...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Portable Craft Bench Mod Download

Have you ever wanted to pick up a crafting bench, and take it with you? This mod allows just that, an item that allows you to craft anywhere. This mod includes: Use Distribute Source Code Customization Re-Distribution Mod Pack Videos Stream...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Weapon Case Loot Mod Download

Weapon Case Loot Mod adds weapon case that wou will find in chests inside dungeon, strongholds and temples. The weapon cases will work similar to Counter Strike, when you open the case there is a chance to get one special weapon. These are ...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Torcherino Mod Download

This mod adds a single block: A torch. This torch has a very special ability: it can increase the speed (tick rate) of nearby blocks. Right click it to change the AOE (mode) and shift-right click to change the speed. Redstone can also disab...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Fairy Lights Mod Download

This mod adds customizable string lights which can be fairy or Christmas lights. Fairy lights hanging on a tree Fairy lights on a bistro In order to craft Fairy Lights you first must craft the lights. Lights come in six standard variants, f...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Sound Filters Mod Download

This is a client-side mod which adds some filters to sounds. Sound Filters Mod adds 3 things right now: reverb in caves, muted sounds when underwater/in lava and, and muted sounds when the sound source is behind a wall. How to install: Down...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Audio Death Mod Download

Audio Death Mod plays an audio file on death. Instructions: Place the audio file (preferrably as ogg) called “deathsound.ogg” in <minecraft dir>/mods-resourcepacks/audiodeath/sounds/ Then Start the game If the game is already running ...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Totemic Mod Download

Totemic is a mod which is based around the creation of Totems, and all other natural, and wooden things. Features: The main feature of Totemic, is Totem poles, these are carved out of Red Cedar wood. To create the red cedar wood, just creat...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Floocraft Mod Download

Harry Potter teleporting Fans of Harry Potter will know that Floo Powder is a special powder that, when thrown into a fire, turns the flames “emerald green” and allows the user to teleport between fireplaces. This is the premise of the mod....[Read More]

[1.11.2] Aether Legacy Mod Download

The goal of Aether Legacy Mod is to help show how much the Aether has grown from then to now. With this project it should help bring more appreciation towards Aether II and the amount of dedication Gilded Games is putting out to make it as ...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Armor Extended Mod Download

Armor Extended Mod adds different types of armor to the game with different abilities. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install: Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge. Locate the minecraft application folder. On windows open ...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Random Things Mod Download

As its name suggests, RandomThings is a mod that adds a variety of new objects to Minecraft. Most of these serve as utilities to make gameplay more convenient, such as enhanced soil. The mod also includes minor changes to vanilla that for e...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Ranged Pumps Mod Download

Ranged Pumps Mod is a simple mod that adds a pump that pumps liquids in a range. How it works: Place the pump down, apply a redstone signal, and it’ll work. By default, the pump requires no energy, but the pump can be configured to use RF e...[Read More]

[1.11.2] Hardcore Darkness Mod Download

You have probably noticed it yourself but its never actually pitch black in minecraft. Even if you are in a cave with no torches you will still be able to see something independent of your gamma setting. This mod changes this, it removes th...[Read More]

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