Version Checker Mod is a small mod that will show updates for mods in an easy list. Mods currently add version checkers which will spit out a bunch of text to the chatbox at startup of a game, which gets cluttered very quickly. This mod wil...[Read More]

ItemZoom Mod is a client-side mod that shows a big version of whatever item you hover over. Great for builders looking for the right materials. How to use: By default you can toggle it on and off with Shift + Z, which can be changed in the ...[Read More]

A Tech and Magic mod with the goal of making automation interesting. There is no one block solution, and every system has to be carefully designed in order to make it the best it can be. Prepare to design heat distribution systems that get ...[Read More]

Tough As Nails Expansion Mod is a tech addon for the Tough As Nails Mod. Items: Portable Temperature Regulator Maintains player temp to a comfortable level Requires RF to function Baubles support (any slot) Thirst Quencher Quenches player t...[Read More]

ThirdPerson Everything Mod automatically switches you to 3rd person when you enter a boat, switches you back when you disembark. Does a similar thing for the Elytra, Minecart and Horses. Completely client side, will work for modded boats as...[Read More]

Spiderman Homecoming Mod adds spiderman’s suits, armors, weapons and many more from Spider-Man: Homecoming movie to Minecraft. Features: Suits Spider-man homemade suit Speed Strength Jump Boost (when its activated) Resistance Night Vision N...[Read More]

Kingdom Keys Mod adds many things from the Kingdom Hearts games. Features: 120 total Keyblades from KH 1, KH 2, KH BBS, KH Re:Coded, KH 358/2 Days, KH DDD and KH Chi, with almost 100 3D models. 16 Organization XIII weapons. A leveling syste...[Read More]

Creeperade Mod will add a new Grenade Launcher with his ammo, and a new eatable item. But all comes from Creepers. Recipes: How to install: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download the mod. Click on the Start Menu in Windows. Type run...[Read More]

MiniHeads Mod adds 17 different figurines (with more to come) that are only obtainable by looting generated chests in dungeons, temples, strongholds, etc. What a great new reason to explore the far reaches of your world for ancient structur...[Read More]

Have you always been annoyed at how glass in Minecraft doesn’t drop anything when broken? This small and simple mod changes that. Breaking glass blocks or panes has a random chance of dropping glass shards. You can smelt them in a furnace t...[Read More]

More Player Models Mod allows you to change your model any way you want. Simply press F12 to get started. This mod allows you to completely customize your character. It is extremely in-depth with tons of different options. You also have the...[Read More]

CraftingCraft Mod adds a bunch of Crafting Tables, including two portable ones. Features: Companion mod to Crafting Tweaks. Portable Crafting Table and Inventory Crafting Table (aka Factorization’s Pocket Crafting Table) Crafting Table Fram...[Read More]

Pam’s BoneCraft Mod adds in a set of armor and tools made from bone and fossil ‘ore’ that drop bones along with a crafting recipe of two bone into four sticks. Features: Items: Bone Helmet Bone Chestplate Bone Leggings Bone Boots Bone PickA...[Read More]

Clay spawning in minecrafthas always been a bit strange. Firs if you remember in times before the big 1.8 update clay used to only spawn very rarely in deserts. That seemed a bit strange so in 1.8 they changed it to spawning commonly under ...[Read More]

In Minecraft, farming becomes a huge thing. It becomes that because you need to survive, and to do that you need food. And then you start enhancing your farm making it bigger and bigger and bigger. However, soon you become overrun by a prob...[Read More]

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