Thermal Dynamics is the mod in the ‘Thermal’ series that is all about transport. It contains completely rewritten versions of the well-known Ducts that were once in Thermal Expansion. They were moved to their own mod as a means to organize ...[Read More]

Redstone Arsenal Mod adds tools and weaponry which harness the power of Redstone Flux, the energy system added by CoFH and Thermal Expansion. How to install: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download and install CoFH Core. Download the...[Read More]

Better Survival Mod adds additional enchantments and melee weapons to Minecraft. This puts more strategy to combat since certain weapons are better in certain situations. It also gives players much more possibilities how to enchant their it...[Read More]

WorldEditCUI Forge Edition 2 Mod provides a client-side user interface for the WorldEdit plugin allowing you to see your selected region in-game in real time. It allows you to work more quickly and accurately with your WorldEdit selection a...[Read More]

Totem Defender Mod adds 4 totems, which defend territory from enemy entities. Totems are configured by configuration items and have 4 base attributes: Attack’s speed, damage, radius and level. Upgrade items level depend on totem level: It’s...[Read More]

ModTweaker is an addon for MineTweaker 3 Mod (for Minecraft 1.7.10) or  CraftTweaker Mod (for Minecraft 1.8.9+). Minetweaker lets you adjust recipes, remove them entirely, or add new recipes. While it has decent mod support, there are many ...[Read More]

Gammabright Mod is an advanced brightness/fullbright mod for Minecraft. This mod allows the game’s brightness slider to be overhauled, allowing for clear as day nights, fully lit caves, and crystal clear underwater views. So you can to get ...[Read More]

Chameleon Creepers Mod disguise the creepers by changing their colors depending on their surroundings like the chameleon. This makes them much more of a threat and harder to spot so you should to be on high alert at all times. How to instal...[Read More]

Extra Planets Mod is an addon for Galacticraft Mod. It adds Dimensions, Planets, Moons, Blocks, Entities and Items to Minecraft. Features of the addon: 4-10 Tier Rockets Dungeons Tier 4 -10(Some are still Creeper Bosses, but they will be re...[Read More]

Are you a modpack developer? Do you include a map in your modpack? Does this map sometimes need to be re installed by the user? Hardcore Map Reset Mod is for you. As a user to make a new instance click the “Create from template” button on t...[Read More]

The Solid Xp Mod will add useful blocks/items about xp to your Minecraft world. It is just created and will be kept updated so you are expected to see a lot more cool features in the future. How to use  Solid Xp ・・・ Hold it and Right Click....[Read More]

Are you tired of the fact that the mines in your modpack are just filled with resources? Want to complicate your game? You are enraged by the vanilla ore mining system? Improved Extraction Mod will change the extraction of resources in a mo...[Read More]

Compressed Blocks Mod allows you to compress and uncompress some blocks like Stone, Cobblestone, Wood, Sand, SoulSand, Gravel, Dirt and Netherrack. Get this mod and you’re gonna spare a lot of space! How to use: List of the blocks that you ...[Read More]

Convenient Additions Mod aims to improve your everyday life in the following categories: Item Transport + Sorting (Item Transmitter, Item Receiver, Channel Modules, Inventory Proxies, Set Provider, Player Interface) Mining (Adventurer’s Pic...[Read More]

Modifiable Armor Mod help you customize your armor in a thousand ways. What you have seen above is just a tiny fraction of what is actually featured in the mod that you can explore and more. Become a spider and climb up walls, become the en...[Read More]

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