Homecraft Mineware Mod intentions are to fill the decorative gap left in the base game by adding useful fluff objects. Right now Homecraft Mineware does not contain a great deal but what does exist is lovingly crafted by Rorax and AtomicBlo...[Read More]

This is a simple mod with two main features The first feature is a hotkey to quickly get a shield (configured by default to the vanilla shield or the Tinkers Construct battlesign) anywhere out of your inventory and put it in your off hand. ...[Read More]

Crocoducks Mod adds the amazing creature, the Crocoduck. Crocoducks are a hybrid between a crocodile and a duck. They don’t hiss or quack, they hack, and are bloodthirsty pack hunters, killing and eating anything that they can get their jaw...[Read More]

Durability Show is a simple mod that shows the durability remaining of tools/armor on your screen. Features: You can press H by default to open/close the GUI. Draws information of tools/armor on screen. Shows durability on tool-tips with ad...[Read More]

ViesCraft mod brings something new to Minecraft, the ability to create airships. Note for servers, you must enable flying in the server configs. Requires: Minecraft Forge   How to install ViesCraft Mod: Download and install Minecraft F...[Read More]

This mod will let you see ANY BLOCK through blocks. How to use: C: 1 click: Make entnties bright 2 Clicks: Make everything Bright 3 Clicks: Return to normal X: Make blocks invisible V: Shows caves Control-X: Shows the menu of the X-RAY. Con...[Read More]

Lucky Block mod adds just one block, yet over one hundred possibilities to Minecraft. Just mine the Lucky Block, cross your fingers, and hope it will drop the items you need. But now, with this new version, you can expect more than just ite...[Read More]

Enchiridion Mod is the mod starting off as a part of Mariculture and allowing players to update custom books from zip files in the configs. This mod is handy for modpack creators or people who just want to let people know what is going on. ...[Read More]

You’ve probably encountered a fair amount of key binding conflicts and have been overwhelmed with the hassles of finding which key best suits the mod functions, but with this fancy new radial menu you put the power of 10 keys…that’s right, ...[Read More]

Interaction Wheel Mod adds an interactive Interaction Wheel that you can access by pressing ‘x’ (default key). It supports various actions that you can easily access directly from that wheel. Currently supported are: Search item in nearby i...[Read More]

Waila Harvestability is a client-side add-on for Waila mod that adds information about the harvestability of what you are looking at. By default, it shows whether or not you can currently harvest the block, the required harvest level of the...[Read More]

A fork of WAILA by ProfMobius. All plugins/addons/compatibilities created with the official mod are 100% compatible with this fork. A full list of significant changes since this fork’s creation can be found in the CHANGES.md document. Nativ...[Read More]

Simulates the passage of time when sleeping through the night by ticking tile entities and randomly ticking blocks proportional to the amount of time skipped. Also adds a command (/simulate) to simulate (and optionally set/add) time. Simula...[Read More]

Exploding Turtles why not. Mine Turtle Mod adds turtle explosion to Minecraft. Features: Don’t step on turtles they will explode. Don’t kill Turtles they will explode (can be changed in the config). Don’t right click a Turtle will explode t...[Read More]

Crop Dusting Mod you can just sneak when walking next to your crops and you will start “venting” and eventually farting. All this will cause the crops to grow. Works also on saplings, cactus and sugar cane. Crop Dusting Fertile Dirt Small c...[Read More]

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