Useful Cows Mod adds 16 unique cows, each of those drop specific resource or have a unique twist in them. Every cow will now break crops (if mob griefing will be on) and if enabled in config will attack players. Cows will have same stats as...[Read More]

Mouse Tweaks Mod replaces the standard RMB dragging mechanic, adds two new LMB dragging mechanics and an ability to quickly move items with the scroll wheel. Everything can be enabled and disabled in the configuration file or in Forge’s mod...[Read More]

Diet Hoppers Mod modifies the way Minecraft calculates the collision boxes of the hopper, so that you can access any visible blocks behind it. This mod needs to be on both client and server to prevent desync issues. Requires: Minecraft Forg...[Read More]

Birds Nests Mod is a simple mod that adds a pseudo-random reward event from chopping trees. Everything involving a number or item is configurable. So you can add more chances per item,change chances, or disable an item all together. Nest’s ...[Read More]

Open Terrain Generator Skylands Mod adds skylands world preset for Open Terrain Generator with interconnected floating islands and void below. Floating islands terrain is very intensive to generate and can cause lag when initialising a worl...[Read More]

Open Terrain Generator Flatlands Mod is a superflat world preset for Open Terrain Generator with many different biomes and super sized villages. Requires: Minecraft Forge Open Terrain Generator Mod How to install: Make sure you have already...[Read More]

Baubles Mod is a small addon mod and api that is intended to be used by other mods to add additional inventory slots to a character. It adds 4 new slots: an amulet, belt and two rings slots. The baubles inventory is accessed by pressing the...[Read More]

Magic Bees Mod adds 111 new bee species that become available depending on which supported mods you have in your pack, and those that interact with a mod you don’t have won’t appear in your world. It also adds a handful of exciting new item...[Read More]

WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition Mod provides a client-side user interface for the WorldEdit plugin allowing you to see your selected region in-game in real time. It allows you to work more quickly and accurately with your WorldEdit selection an...[Read More]

MagicBooks Mod adds four books into Minecraft which can be found in chests throughout the world. When a player right clicks with a book in their hand they gain one skill point for that element which can be spent to unlock spells. Some featu...[Read More]

Instant Structures Mod lets you place structures like a house by only one mouse click. This mod simplified to build a city and show you greate buildings created by other users. Furthermore it contains items that can replace blocks again oth...[Read More]

Ore Shrubs Mod brings back the bushes that capable of producing Ore in the form of nuggets to the latest Minecraft versions. If you have ever played mod packs of the old version of Minecraft, then perhaps you are too familiar with the bushe...[Read More]

Advanced Shulkerboxes Mod adds a feature that you can interact with your Shulker Box from your inventory. Just right click the Shulker Box item in your inventory and the GUI of the Shulker Box shows up. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to inst...[Read More]

Shoulder Surfing Reloaded Mod is a remake version of Shoulder Surfing Mod for latest Minecraft. This mod replaces the default third person behind-the-body view (F5 key) with a more traditional “over the shoulder” view. Requires: Minecraft F...[Read More]

Storage Boats Mod provides you with a boat with a chest in the game. It will let you store up to 27 more stacks of items on your travels. See also: Obsidian Boat Mod and CompactChests Mod There are now boats for all wood types: You can open...[Read More]

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