This mod adds 7 donuts and 1 item. Features: Apple Donut (Resistance) Jelly Donut (jump Boost) Plain Donut (Nothing) Chocolate Donut (Haste) Sugar Donut (Speed) Sprinkle Donut (Regeneration) Moldy Donut (Hunger) Jelly (Not edible just to cr...[Read More]

The Mob Fusion Mod allows you to combine mobs together! This Minecraft Mod gives you the ability to combine certain mobs and animals together. You end out with unique creatures that have special abilities, and even a flying pig you can ride...[Read More]

This mod adds new cows to Minecraft. How to install: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download the mod. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/mods folder. If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one. Drag and drop the downloaded...[Read More]

Ever wanted to be able to purchase coffee out of a machine? The Minespresso Mod adds that. This mod allows you to get an espresso machine in Minecraft! You can chose six different types of drinks. With these beverages, you can chose to add ...[Read More]

Dragonvale Mod adds lots of new dragons to the game as well as a new dimention. This mod is based off of the game/app Dragonvale. These are some of the blocks added: Magic Ruin Stone: (portal block) Gem Ore:(cook it to get gems) Coin press:...[Read More]

A very extensive mod for Minecraft adding in an opposite realm to the Nether. The Aether II is the sequel to the Aether I. Much has changed since the days of the Aether I, but it still remains a collaboration between people from various dif...[Read More]

A mod based off of the movie “Frozen”. Did you love Frozen the movie? If you did teh Frozen mod will be just as amazing! This mod adds in some of your favorite characters into minecraft! The first gcroup of mobs: (Main Characters) Elsa Anna...[Read More]

Flammarilva was originally the author of this mod, but due to his circumstances could not continue development so he released the project as open source. Then Armbrust took the initiative to revive the mod, and brought together a small team...[Read More]

Features: Block Monster Pet powered by jBullet physics A spider based block monster with 6 legs with a tripod walking gait Ridable and fully controllable by player Has various keys to change how it walks Bonus player physics mode that lets ...[Read More]

If you like the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan, you will love this mod. How to install: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download the mod. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/mods folder. Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zi...[Read More]

Cray Tokens is a simple yet advanced currency system to add to your server. This mod includes 4 tiers of Tokens; Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum, which you can use to buy goods. You can obtain Tokens by killing hostile mobs. How to instal...[Read More]

Craft your favorite youtubers in Minecraft. Step On or Right Click the Blocks to get Effects From your Favorite Youtubers. Just Find Youtuber Ore: Then Surround an Item in a Crafting Table with the Youtube Essence: PopularMMOs: Diamond Bloc...[Read More]

Features: Localized weather! See rain and nastier storms coming in from a distance Replaces vanilla clouds with my own particle based ones that are always shifting around Replaces rain and snowfall with a particle based one that blows in th...[Read More]

This Mod adds Machines which can move and rotate structures of connected elements. They can also move Blocks with TileEntitys like Chests, Dispenser, etc. You can build swing doors, bridges or elavators to only name a few of the possibiliti...[Read More]

The DJ Party mod, an awesome addition allowing you to create custom songs, add lasers, smoke, dancefloors and lots more. Features: DJ Deck With Lasers Aesthetic Speaker Toweres for Left and Right Sides Dance Floor with 2 Modes Laser Light S...[Read More]

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