ICBMs are super sizes missiles that blow everything up. At the beginning, ICBM Mod was created with the idea that PvP needed a modern addition. There are fewer swords, guns, traps, and more bang for your resources. Since its creation, it ha...[Read More]

Custom Crosshair Mod can make you look more attractive by changing the style of your crosshair. By default press the GRAVE key to open the customize menu. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install Custom Crosshair Mod: Download and install M...[Read More]

Assembly Line Mod is a mod that focuses on large scale automation of factory-like environments. Its main feature is transportation & automation systems that integrate with a large series of machines. Its secondary feature is mass produc...[Read More]

Magic Bees Mod adds 111 new bee species that become available depending on which supported mods you have in your pack, and those that interact with a mod you don’t have won’t appear in your world. It also adds a handful of exciting new item...[Read More]

Immersive Integration Mod adds various new blocks and items to extend the mod integration of Immersive Engineering Mod. Features: ME Wire Connector to connect 8 channels in the Applied Energistics 2 system ME Dense Wire Connector to connect...[Read More]

No More Recipe Conflict Mod allows multiple recipes sharing the same crafting layout to be crafted, the player being able to choose using either a cycle button, or a new key binding. How many recipes are conflicting is also displayed. If yo...[Read More]

WAILA Plugins Mod adds more mod compability to Waila. The benefit of this is you are able to see information about their blocks in the WAILA HUD. With WAILA Plugins the following information is added to the Waila panel if possible: Currentl...[Read More]

NoShelter Mod adds the perfect zombie survival of the fittest in the game. Its so fun and hard that it is quit impossible to survive even a day 1. These zombie can break through blocks slowly giving you time to find an exit or repair your f...[Read More]

Ender IO Addons Mod is a mod that adds a couple of machines to Ender IO. Features: The Cobblestone Framework is a machine that generates Cobblestone by using its internal Lava and Water store. It has 3 upgrade slots that allow it to process...[Read More]

Features: Selecting your gender (with JBRA you will see the female model too!) Marriage a player Divorce from your partner Adopting a player Usage: The key is configurable The Interact key (default: will show you every info you need to know...[Read More]

Features: This mod is about that the time passes and every player is getting older. There is a built in calendar with new year layout and original names. One year in Minecraft is now 46 days. And a year has 4 months with 13 to 9 days. A wee...[Read More]

TattleTail Mod is a mod based on the scary game Tattletail. This mod adds tattletails to Minecraft including the scary Mama Tattletail. Features: Items: Purple TattleTail Yellow TattleTail Blue TattleTail Snowglobe TattleTail Nightnight Tat...[Read More]

Wild Mobs Mod adds new mobs to the game that fit the style of Vanilla Minecraft. Most of the mobs are animals from real life, but some are made up or based on folklore. The name “Wild Mobs Mod” doesn’t mean that all mobs in this mod are wil...[Read More]

Iguanas Tinker Tweaks Mod adds a slower progression through the earlygame, and tool-leveling which awards random bonus modifiers on levelups. However the biggest part of Iguana Tweaks is that it allows to adapt many many properties of the g...[Read More]

BetterLeather Mod adds new weapons, armours, blocks and new mobs. Features: Blocks Jewelled Stone Molten Ore Unobtainium Ore Mossy Gravel Mossy Gravel Bricks Items Iron Binding Iron-bound Leather Gold Binding Gold-bound Leather Jewelled Bin...[Read More]

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