Concrete Mod brings Minecraft future: Concrete Powder and Concrete Blocks to previous version. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install Concrete Mod: Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge. Locate the minecraft application fol...[Read More]

Smaug Mod adds in Smaug The Dragon as a boss, as well as custom armor, staff and bow (DragonForge). You can also have your own pet Smaug that you can fly anywhere. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install Smaug Mod: Make sure you have alrea...[Read More]

Just Another Crafting Bench Mod adds one new block: the JACB Crafting Table which acts like a normal crafting bench except that it will store the contents of the crafting grid when you close it. That’s it. That’s all it does. It can be crea...[Read More]

Additional Resources Mod adds loose resources to the game without needing the user to install a texture pack. It is mainly designed for mods that have user-defined content that needs to be loaded as a resource. It has no GUI itself. Usage: ...[Read More]

Wireless Crafting Terminal Mod is an addon for Applied Energistics 2 Mod. It adds a Wireless Terminal version of the AE2 Crafting Terminal with the ability to install upgrades. Features: Two modes: Easy and Hard (Default) (only in 1.7.10) I...[Read More]

Polearms Mod is a small mod that adds extended reach weapons, in the form of spears. These are made with a sword and two poles, and come in all the usual tool materials. They are Swords internally, so the vanilla method of repair works, and...[Read More]

Modern Warfare Mod offers a wide selection of different 3D modeled guns, and the selection will be wider in the future. It also offers a small but growing selection of 3D modeled armors. Ever get tired of the classic diamond sword? Classic ...[Read More]

Basic Industry Mod is the introduction mod in a series of technology mods planned by BBM. With that in mind, it provides the common functionality of other mods as well provides a new take on functionality. The Difference As already noted th...[Read More]

Fire Pumpkin Mod adds very hot Pumkins to Minecraft. They can be fire through the mouth, burn meats and even ores. Crafting Recipes: Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install: Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge. Locate the ...[Read More]

Thermal Smeltery Mod is an addon for Thermal Expansion Mod and Tinkers Construct Mod. It adds the capability to melt metals in the Thermal Expansion Crucible into Tinker’s Construct Metals. This mod basically adapts every TiCon Smeltery rec...[Read More]

UniDict Mod is a mod to unify all the things. When we play modded Minecraft, several mods based on their progression add Copper, Tin, Silver, Lead… But since a lot of mods add these common resources, we start to have a lot of equivalent ite...[Read More]

Katsuage Blade Mod adds a small Katsuage blade which can rob the emerald from the villager.   Crafting Recipes: Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install: Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge. Locate the minecraft applic...[Read More]

Official sequel to Metroid Cubed 2 Mod. Metroid is a semi-popular game series from Nintendo, following the adventures of Bounty Hunter and all-around awesome person Samus Aran. Now you, too, can be Samus Aran in Minecraft. Metroid Cubed 3 M...[Read More]

Default Options Mod is a way for modpacks to ship default settings without having to include an options.txt file (as that would override player changes). Default Options Custom Default Mappings Setting up Default Keys: Configure the keys ho...[Read More]

Thermal Foundation Mod is the base mod in the ‘Thermal’ series. It contains all the basic materials, world generation and mobs that were once in Thermal Expansion. They were moved to their own mod as a means to organize the content better. ...[Read More]

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