The Minions Mod allows you to summon minions to mine, chop trees and carry you around. Minions can: Follow you around Be sent to places Chop down most any kind of trees, including Jungle giants Carry you, animals and other players Pickup an...[Read More]

This mod adds many things from the world of Halo! Battle Halo’s monsters, use it’s guns and other weapons, and much more from the universe of Halo! This mod currently only for client side, not for server. Features: Mobs Elite Grunt Armor Sp...[Read More]

Makes adult pigs poop out Manure, which can be used like Bone Meal in the world, can be used as brown dye in recipes, and can be smelted into bricks (same experience as smelting a clay ball). This gives the player a tangible reason to farm ...[Read More]

Version Checker is a small mod that will show updates for mods in an easy list. Mods currently add version checkers which will spit out a bunch of text to the chatbox at startup of a game, which gets cluttered very quickly. This mod will ad...[Read More]

375 inventory slots and more. Expands your inventory space to 15 rows by 25 columns = 375 total slots. Features: Also includes a 3×3 crafting grid instead of 2×2. So, this is kind of a sequel to my Inventory Crafting mod, but with tons more...[Read More]

A collection of antique firearms. Smelt bullets and craft parts to create guns, including varieties such as: Matchlock Derringers Matchlock Blunderbusses Flintlock Pistols Flintlock Muskets Flintlock Rifles Loading a gun in the crafting gri...[Read More]

The Battle Towers Mod randomly spawns towers through out your world which you can fight and over come to gain rewards. The towers that spawn randomly in your new world has 8 levels which you need to defeat and over come and then a boss leve...[Read More]

This mod attempts to address portable storage issues in a balanced, fun, and aesthetically-pleasing manner. It adds 4 tiers of backpacks (Basic, Iron, Gold, and Diamond), each of which can be upgraded from the previous tier to give more sto...[Read More]

A mod to help mine veins of ores by mining blocks of the same type in a chain reaction, giving you the blocks at the end. It is inspired by Connected Destruction by Bspkrs. It improves upon Connected Destruction by: Can be optionally be ins...[Read More]

Biomes O’ Plenty is a mod that is designed to give players a better Minecraft world to explore, and more of a reason to explore it in the first place.  There are a lot of realistic biomes, some fantasy biomes, and other cool things I’ve add...[Read More]

The mod is going to, like the name says, give you in-game info about Minecraft, in particular about blocks/items/entities, but I’m also planning on a few other game mechanics. As for now though, there’s not that much to this mod apart from ...[Read More]

Run From The Beast is a minigame map. There is runner and the beast. The runner have to run away from the beast until to a certain point where you can kill the beast. The beast have to kill everyone. So basically is kill or be kill. But you...[Read More]

This is chess in Minecraft! And this chess isn’t just the ordinary chess, this is MineChess! It’s like the Harry Potter style of chess. The pieces live, and ‘capturing’ a piece is more violent than the capturing you’re used to with chess. T...[Read More]

What is Hopper Ducts? It’s pretty simple.  Hoppers can’t transport items upwards.  This mod adds ducts, which can attach to hoppers and send items in any direction.  This mod also now adds Grated Hoppers, which can filter items. What’s the ...[Read More]

Metal Gem Craft Mod can allow players to have more new ores tools, armor, and able to socket gems to tools to make them more powerful. See also: Gem Mod Information: Default Minecraft Tools Sets Wood: HarvestLevel 0, Durability 59, Efficien...[Read More]

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