SugiForest Mod adds the Sugi (Cryptomeria Japonica) tree, related blocks, items and the Sugi Forest biome to Minecraft. Sugi is a popular tree in Japan. That is seen everywhere. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install: Make sure you have a...[Read More]

Master Builders Mod adds very many new blocks in the Minecraft world. Features: Slopes Slope spires Inner corners New Blocks New Decorations Requires: Minecraft Forge How to install Master Builders Mod: Make sure you have already installed ...[Read More]

Bird’s Foods Mod adds 77 new items, all of which are edible and all of which are craftable through vanilla means. Features: A variety of foods, including: Soups, Stews, and Pies Sandwiches, Burgers, and Tacos Curries, Noodles, and Pastas Ju...[Read More]

Vanilla-Inspired Teleporters Mod adds a teleporter block that fits seamlessly into the Vanilla Minecraft playing experience. Only one new block is created, which is the teleporter itself. Stand on the teleporter, and teleport with ease. Tel...[Read More]

Youtuber’s Lucky Blocks Mod adds Lucky Blocks with custom models. This is not any add-on for original lucky block mod its a completely different mod. Right now this mod contains 10 of famous Youtubers lucky blocks. This mod also adds some s...[Read More]

Craftable Elytra Mod allows the player to craft the amazing elytra. Recipe: How to install Craftable Elytra Mod: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download the mod. Go to %appdata%. Go to .minecraft/mods folder. If the “mods” folder doe...[Read More]

Inspired heavily by the Ex Astris End Cake, Dimensional Cake Mod aims to have delicious food-themed transport. Cakes for everywhere. Right now, though, it just has the End Cake. End Cake: Crafted with Eyes of Ender and a cake, filled with E...[Read More]

Pearcel Mod adds items and blocks designed around the Pearcel item for a fun, joyful time in Minecraft. This mod focuses on random items and gadgets around the… Pearcel! It adds various pear-cel related items as well as some other cool stuf...[Read More]

Blood Baubles Mod is an addon for Blood Magic that adds Blood Magic themed Baubles to the game. Crafting Recipes: Rings BaseRing: There are 2 types of rings: Iron and Gold. Every craftable ring will need one of these bases to be made. Typic...[Read More]

Doggy Talents Mod is able to set your dogs to docile so that they are not attacking anything. As a matter of fact, this mod is made for anyone have a dog or just like dogs. You can switch their attack setting by right clicking on them with ...[Read More]

Corail Pillar Mod add 2 kinds of rounded pillar shape and extensible blocks that perfectly fit to vanilla textures (or your texture pack) for each kind of constructing blocks. This mod is very light weight (43ko) and contains 45 kind of Pil...[Read More]

Disenchanter Mod is a small mod for Minecraft Forge adding a block to disenchant Items. Want to get the good enchantments of that rubbish gold items? Or did you get perfect enchantments on your sword but the Knockback is bothering you? Dise...[Read More]

Compact Storage Mod is a dedicated storage mod for Minecraft. Storage mod is a series of mod that includes new chests and storage mechanism which are much more convenient than the old wooden chests of vanilla Minecraft. Many favorite mod pa...[Read More]

Block Drops Mod is an addon of Just Enough Items Mod (JEI), it is recommended use with Pam’s Get all the Seeds Mod. The mod can delay start of MC. Depends on the amount of blocks in your modpacks and the iteration in the config. With Pam’s ...[Read More]

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