Garden of Glass Mod is an addon for Botania Mod. Having installed will allow you to create a skyblock type world. Aside from allowing you to have a skyblock world, a few items and blocks are added, as well as some recipes in botania tweaked...[Read More]

Default Options Mod is a way for modpacks to ship default settings without having to include an options.txt file (as that would override player changes). Default Options Custom Default Mappings Setting up Default Keys: Configure the keys ho...[Read More]

Potatians Mod allows you to meet the Potatians and adds all the Members of Think Big Corp into Minecraft. Potatians are made from Potatian Essence which is found underground. Potatians will attack hostile mobs and sometimes each other. Pota...[Read More]

An Ore Processing Mod. This mod includes: Furnace Generator which will produce 20 RF/t by burning anything that can burn in a vanilla furnace. Fluid Generator which will produce 80 RF/t. Currently only supports Lava. RF Cables Electric Furn...[Read More]

Do you ever get tired of old vanilla minecraft spiders? This mod will change this, Much More Spiders Reborn Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2 adds many dangerous spiders for almoust all biomes and these spiders aren’t your classic spider, as these spiders ...[Read More]

Ancient Trees adds thirteen species of extinct trees to your world. You may find the rare saplings in chests hidden throughout the land. You can find them and restore the species… Each species can be used to make the full range of woo...[Read More]

Forge Creeper Heal Mod is an open source mod for Minecraft Forge to auto-heal world after an explosion inspired by the famous bukkit pluggin CreeperHeal from Nitnelave. Clients don’t need Forge Creeper Heal installed to join your server BUT...[Read More]

MacroKey Mod allows you to bind commands to keys. When you find yourself in a situation where you want to be able to access a command fast, you may realize you can be 1 click away. MacroKey has easy to use and understand GUIs and powerful c...[Read More]

Strait Mod just makes it possible to place item frames on the bottom or top of blocks. There are some things to note. Compasses will point the right direction in frames above blocks (i.e. on the ground), but not in frames below blocks (i.e....[Read More]

This mod patches up a shortcoming that I’m surprised that nobody else has addressed. Whenever a village is generated, it also generates a sign nearby the well: An option in the configs changes the well’s rim to slabs so that vil...[Read More]

Welcome to the Jungle mod adds a variety of creatures, blocks and structures, as well as a few biomes and a dimension. All with the goal of enhancing the games jungle experience. There’s even a set of story orientated achievements. In order...[Read More]

Just memes compressed into a bottle. The Funniest Internet Memes are now in Minecraft! Meme in A Bottle Mod adds the funniest and best memes online into Minecaft. This mod adds John Cena, Bill Cipher, and a bunch of other funny and most pop...[Read More]

Keep Hunger Mod adds Tinker’s Construct feature back. And even more configurable features. Features: Keep Hunger. Keep Experience. Config (In Game and in file). Eating Cooldown on respawn. No XP dropping. Config Options: Hunger Saving (resp...[Read More]

BiblioCraft is a fairly simple mod that adds 8 new types of unique storage blocks to display a few different items. There is a bookcase that shows up to 16 books on the shelf, an Armorstand to display a full set of armor. There is also a po...[Read More]

TNT mod adds in many new types of TNT as well as dynamite. Some of these explosives are completely massive and can destroy huge areas. Others are very unique and can dig up mines and even build houses. This is the best mod when it comes to ...[Read More]

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