Better Achievements mod is an improvement of the Achievement screen. Features: Tabs per Achievement page. So no more spamming the button to find a page. Scroll on the tabs to see more tabs. Set the colours of your arrows. User settable tab ...[Read More]

This mod adds a lunar event called “Bloodmoon”, every night there is a chance of 5% (configurable) that a bloodmoon will rise. During the following night monsters will spawn faster and closer to the player. The spawn limit of monsters will ...[Read More]

AbyssalCraft mod adds many new items, mobs and tools to minecraft. This mod also adds a new dimension. The dimension has similarities of being a darker avatar of the overworld, populated by undead creatures, who appear in the overworld as w...[Read More]

Multishot Mod is basically designed for making timelapses or otherwise taking screenshots automatically, with a pre-set interval between the screenshots. It also has some other features that might be useful when making timelapses or other v...[Read More]

This mod was originally created by 4poc (in minecraft 1.6.4 and earlier). See here. Light Level Overlay Reloaded mod displays light level on blocks so you know when to place torches. The default shortcut key to turn on/off light level overl...[Read More]

Durability Show is a simple mod that shows the durability remaining of tools/armor on your screen. Features: You can press H by default to open/close the GUI. Draws information of tools/armor on screen. Shows durability on tool-tips with ad...[Read More]

Crafting Tweaks mod helps you rotate, balance or clear the Crafting Grid. Features: Rotate the outer circle of the crafting matrix ( hotkey: R ) Balance the materials in the crafting grid ( hotkey: B ) Clear the crafting grid into your inve...[Read More]

AromaBackup saves and backs up your world, so just in case some other mod corrups your world or a Supercharged Creeper explodes the key infrastructure of your base, you have a backup to restore your world from. Features: Scheduled Backups B...[Read More]

The LabyMod is an all in one mod. It contains a whole lot of features and settings. Features: 1.7 Animations in Minecraft 1.8 and 1.9: You can now choose between the old 1.7 and the new 1.8 (1.9) animations and designs. For instance, you do...[Read More]

Soul Shards: The Old Ways mod allows you to store the souls of creatures inside gems for use in a Soul Cage to summon more of them later. In the current releases, you obtain a shard by building a small structure and right clicking the cente...[Read More]

Chocapic Shaders is a mod that dramatically improves the graphics of Minecraft. As its name suggests, its main function is to add dynamic shadows (shaders in English), a pleasing effect of wind on the leaves, real sunshine and a better wate...[Read More]

Super Shaders brings richer colors, better contrast and other new visual effects to the world of Minecraft. In addition to enhanced lighting effects and even new colors of light (torches are brilliant and much brighter, for instance) you ca...[Read More]

MrMeep_x3’s Shaders brings yellows, oranges, reds and more shades to the game than you’ve ever seen before while playing Minecraft. How to install: Download and install Minecraft Forge. Download and install Optifine HD. Download and install...[Read More]

KUDA Shaders is a shaderpack made for the Minecraft Shaders Mod. This shaderpack will change completely the whole look in Minecraft. KUDA Shaders adds basically shadows, new lightning system, godrays and other effects.     How to ...[Read More]

AirLoocke42 Shaders is like just another cool shader mod which made by ‘AirLoocke42’. As the above pictures might explain all what it will do to your world, so this shader mod is basically based on Chocapic13, the another cool shader mod. T...[Read More]

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