Additional Buildcraft Objects Screenshots and Recipes

Objects added:

Valve Pipe
It works like a wooden pipe, but with integrated redstone engine. Also allows to add the lever directly on top.Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod

But it has one limitation (by design!) it only allows straight connections, no bending!

It also allows to push out liquid:

Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod
Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod


  • WoodenWaterproofPipe Lever WoodenWaterproofPipe

Golden Iron Waterproof Pipe
It acts like an iron pipe, but has golden pipe speed, so you dont reduce the golden pipe water pressureAdditional Buildcraft Objects Mod


  • GoldenWaterproofPipe IronWaterproofPipe

Balance Pipe (idea by Oxygene13)
Balances liquid of connected tanksAdditional Buildcraft Objects Mod
Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod


  • WoodenWaterproofPipe IronOrGate WoodenWaterproofPipe


A 3×3 Iron Engine powerplant cooled by one single pump, with water triggered automatic on/off: (using balance pipes, valve and flowmeter)

The only way to stop this powerplant is to cut off its water and wait until the tanks are empty

Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod

Round Robin Items Pipe
It works like a stone pipe, but does round robin sorting.Each output will be used once in a round robin way.


  • StoneTransportPipe Gravel

Diamond Liquid Pipe
Like the Diamond Items Pipe but for sorting liquidsRecipe:

  • Diamond PipeWaterproof

Compactor Pipe
Combines items(tacks) to larger itemstacks (currently to itemstacks >= 16 items)Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod

Neds to be powered with redstone. also has an underrun detection (if no item comes in a specific time, the small itemstack is ejected)


  • StoneTransportPipe Piston

Insertion Transport Pipe
Insertion Pipes given the choice between putting a item in the pipe in to an inventory (A chest or a furnace) and passing it along to another pipe, the Insertion Pipe will always try to add the item to the inventory.This pipe is very useful for feedback loops as it forces the item to go in to the last machine if it can.


  • StoneTransportPipe Redstone

Extraction Transport Pipe
Extraction Pipe is the opposite of the Insertion Pipe. If the pipe can choose between an inventory and another pipe the pipe will always go with the next pipe. Also this pipe behaves the same as a wood pipe where it will pull items out of an inventory if the pipe has an active redstone engine applied to it.This pipe is useful for tight spaces where you do not want a pipe to accidentally fill a chest or machine.


  • StoneTransportPipe Planks

Bounce Transport Pipe
This pipe will cause whatever enters the pipe to come back out the way it came unless the pipe is powered by redstone, then it behaves as a normal pipe.Recipe:

  • StoneTransportPipe Cobblestone

Crossover Transport Pipe
This pipe will direct material entering it to the pipe (or something accepting material, like chests) directly across from it. If no such pipe exists, a random direction is chosen.Recipe:

  • StoneTransportPipe IronTransportPipe

Power Switch Pipe
Works as transistor for the power pipes. You can/have to power it with redstone to allow power flowing through it. Also allows to add the lever directly on top.Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod

Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod


  • GoldenConductivePipe Lever

Iron Power PipeActs as a diode/iron pipe for power pipes


  • IronTransportPipe Redstone


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