Advanced Agriculture Screenshots

World Generation:

Advanced Agriculture Mod
Copper Ore
Yay! Another Copper Ore! You can smelt this into a Copper Ingot, but if you got Inustrialcraft2 installed, you can macerate it into 2 Copper Dust, and you can smelt that into Copper Ingots. 9 Copper Ingots can be crafted into a Copper Block.Advanced Agriculture Mod
Zinc Ore
Yes, it’s zinc. Not tin. I made this decision because there is already too much tin used, and because I already had copper, I wnated something else then tin. Zinc Ore can be smelted into Zinc Ingots, but if you have Industrialcraft2 installed, you can macerate it into 2 Zinc Dust, and smelt that into Zinc Ingots, to double your ore income. 9 Zinc ingots can be used for a Zinc Block.Advanced Agriculture Mod
Silicon Ore
You can smelt this into a Silicon Ingot, but if you got Inustrialcraft2 installed, you can macerate it into 2 Silicon Dust, and you can smelt that into Silicon Ingots. 9 Silicon Ingots can be crafted into a Silicon Block.Advanced Agriculture Mod

Fertilizer Ore
Fertilizer is currently only used for the making of fertile soil. Fertilizer can only spawn in certain biomes.

Other World Generation:

Advanced Agriculture Mod

Olive Trees
These will spawn in some Plains biomes. You can fetch olives from them. You can eat olives, but later they’ll have more uses.Quicksand
Don’t fall into it! Quicksand will suck everything down if it falls into it. Don’t worry, there is a way out…

Advanced Agriculture Mod
Use this machine to mutate your seeds into other seeds. You will need glowing coal for the Mutator to mutate. Some of the higher tier seeds are not usable yet (You can plant them), but that will be changed in a future version.Advanced Agriculture Mod

ElementizerThe Elementizer is a very nice machine that changes what you put in it into the bare elements. Some will take longer then others. When it’s ready with elementizing it will spit the elements out into the world. Note: Pipes will not work in this machine. Use the Compact Advanced Agriculture Mod

Elementizer if you want to automate stuf.

Compact ElementizerThe Compact elementizer is a 1 block version of the Elementizer, Buildcraft pipes will work with this version and not the non-compact version. This machine has ouput slots and will not spit the items out.

Advanced Agriculture Mod

Atomic Compiler

This machine puts changes your elements back into resources. It will need a bit of time to run though.


Advanced Agriculture Mod

Fertile SoilThis is very fertile soil. If you jump on it, it will not break. Make sure to put water near it though. It can support all Advanced

Advanced Agriculture Mod

Agriculture plants, but not the standard plants.

Advanced Agriculture Mod


These are all current plants that are available in advanced Agriculture:

  • Wheat
  • Potato
  • Carrot
  • Pumpkin
  • Melon
  • Sugar Cane (Can grow infinitely high!)
  • Golden Apple (Tree not available yet)
  • Golden Apple T2 (Tree not available yet)
  • Diamond Apple (Tree not available yet)

And for the nether: (Must be placed on Soul Sand)

  • Nether Wart
  • Glowstone (Yes, Glowstone)

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