Applied Energistics Screenshots

ME Pre-formatter, used to configure storage cells, and name them.

Wireless Access Point GUI with upgrades.

ME Export Bus GUI, currently sending lapis.

Quartz Grind Stone GUI , shows input, currently grinding, and output.

Creative Tab – OLD Pre RV2

ME Chest interface

ME Controller

ME Drive

ME Interface

ME Access Terminal

ME Pattern Encoder

ME Colored Cable

ME Import and Export BUS’s used to manage a Forestry Squeezer

Quartz Grind Stone ( with crank )

A Low-Tech bakery.

Pre RV2:

an extra access terminal in my automated smelting room.

ME Cable connecting a farm to my main base.

An Access terminal at my farm.

Using Logistics Pipes to automate a farm with ME Interface.

ME Chests Connected to a small network.

Another picture of a small ME Network.


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