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This mod adds 9 more sets of armor with more on the way

Armor Statistics:

  • Cactus Armor – Hurts whatever you bump in to – May be removed (buggy, and now there is a Thorns Enchant)
  • Glowing Armor – Great for mining! (A bit weaker than iron)

Zombie in glowing armor

2b540  Armor Plus Mod 1 Armor Plus Screenshots

  • Aluminum Armor – Hard to get at first, then you have tons! (A bit stronger than iron)
  • Lapis Armor – It’s dark, it’s blue, it’s Lapis Armor
  • Emerald Armor – Who cares about trading?
  • Titanium Armor – About double the strength of iron
  • Cobalt Armor – Far mor fassionable and slightly stronger than diamond
  • Obsidian Armor – Just a small upgrade from cobalt

Obsidian Armor Screenshots

1ffe3  Armor Plus Mod 2 Armor Plus Screenshots

  • Tungsten Armor – The strongest and rarest armor in Armor+. You almost never lose health!

New Blocks:
Titanium Ore 1ffe3  f4UmF Armor Plus Screenshots
Appears to be white and silvery.
A small bit stronger and rarer than iron ore.
Cobalt Ore 1ffe3  3Q4a6 Armor Plus Screenshots
Said to be one of the best looking ores in Armor+ with its dark blue traces of cobalt.
Stronger than Titanium, just a bit better than diamond
Tungsten Ore 1ffe3  Viacj Armor Plus Screenshots
Minecraftia’s strongest ore with pure black traces darker than coal.
You will find nothing stronger in Armor+, this is a rare sight.
Bauxite Soil 1ffe3  EooBS Armor Plus Screenshots
Appears to be dirt with traces of bauxite.
Spawns in large and hilly Bauxite Rich Biomes. Mine it for some Bauxite Crumbs.Other New Items
Bauxite Crumbs 1ffe3  JXpMP Armor Plus Screenshots
Crumbs of bauxite.
0-2 drop from Bauxite Soil.
Alumina Powder 1ffe3  4UQuK Armor Plus Screenshots
Pure white powder from smelting Bauxite Crumbs.
Aluminum Sheet 1ffe3  fxWmg Armor Plus Screenshots
Smelting Alumina Powder will get you these.
Crafted into lightweight and strong Aluminum Armor.
Cactus Sliver 1ffe3  xctX7 Armor Plus Screenshots – May be removed, thorns enchantment was added
With the power of four cacti, get your own cactus slices for the sharp new Cactus Armor.
Glowing Plate 1ffe3  NGofU Armor Plus Screenshots
Harness the power of four glowstone blocks to create the brightest item in the land.
Perfect for miners and fear of darkness.
Obsidian Plate 1ffe3  sRWjr Armor Plus Screenshots
The second hardest item in ArmorPlus made from four obsidian!
Imagine how strong armor made of this must be!
Tungsten Shard 1ffe3  pnZx0 Armor Plus Screenshots Warning: Do not eat
This little piece of tungsten is the hardest thing you will ever find.
Just try to break it!
Titanium Ingot 1ffe3  ViJ63 Armor Plus Screenshots
Both common and strong,
because iron is just not good enough.
Cobalt Ingot 1ffe3  3Z49Q Armor Plus Screenshots
This beautiful bar makes armor you look awesome!
Not the best… but it looks great!_!

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