Better Breeding Recipes

Cook a Sheeps Gigot into a Roasted Gigot
has saturation modifier (0.2 raw, 1.0 cooked) and heals respectivly 1 or 3 hungerbars

Sheeps Milk Obtained when milking a milkSheep

When drunk, the milk heals you 0.5 hearts, and gives you 30 seconds speed 1

Sheppards Pie

Heals 2.5 hearts, 3 hunger nuggets, Saturation level of 2.0F and can be eaten when low on health or hunger. has 3 uses

Pastry Dough. Shapeless recipe

Sweet bread. Better then normal bread ! Heals 3.5 hunger and has a higher saturation level.

Easter Pie. Heals 4 Hearts and 4.5 hungernuggets. Only 2 uses. can be eaten when low on health or hunger. Saturation level of 4.0F (beef is 0.8F)

The Spirit of Christmas

Emtpy Mug


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