Better Breeding Screenshots

From Left to Right

Normal Cow, Meat Cow, Leather Cow

From left to the right

Regular Pig, 2nd breed (red spot on the head), 3th breed (orange like), 4th breed(pink !), 5th breed

From right to left

Grey Wolf, Dark Wolf, Shepard and Death Wolf (Dead Dog)

From the left to the right: ScotSheep, MilkSheep and MeatSheep

Udder !


You can clearly see all 4 different chicken in this picture.

this counts 1 awe chicken, 1 fluffy chicken, 3 breeders and 3 regular chicken

SpawnEggs !

Middle row are pigs, left row are 3 wolfs and a cow, right is last wolf and meat cow (sheep spawneggs exist too)


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