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How to tell an animal’s gender:

Note: Every male has a deeper voice, and the female’s have a lighter voice. That’s also another way to tell them apart.


If you look under the chicken’s head, you’ll see that it’s wattle (that small red pouch near it’s neck) is different colors. The male’s wattle is dark red and the female’s lighter red.

  • Male- Dark Red Wattle
  • Female- Pink Wattle

98a47  Better Breeds Mod 1 Better Breeds Screenshots


Here, the animal’s noses are different from each other. The colors are different. The male’s nose is a darker shade of pink. The female’s nose is a light brown.

  • Male- Dark Nose
  • Female- Light Brown Nose

c61c7  Better Breeds Mod 2 Better Breeds Screenshots


Again, the animal’s noses are different colors. The male’s nose is black but the female’s is white.

  • Male- Black Nostrils
  • Female- White Nostrils

c61c7  Better Breeds Mod 3 Better Breeds Screenshots


It’s kind of obvious but one of the animal’s mouth is a darker red. The male has the dark red mouth, while the female has a pinkish mouth.

  • Male- Dark Red Mouth
  • Female- Light Red Mouth

03876  Better Breeds Mod 4 Better Breeds Screenshots


If you look closely, the male has dark green eyes. But the female has dark blue eyes.

  • Male- Dark Green Eyes
  • Female- Dark Blue Eyes

03876  Better Breeds Mod 5 Better Breeds Screenshots



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