Bleach Screenshots and Recipes

New Blocks

1) Reiatsu Block
Bleach ModThis block is made from 9 Reiatsu in a square. It emits a light level of 6.

2) Hollow Bait
Bleach ModMade from a Mask Shard surrounded by 4 Reiatsu Blocks. Placed like a regular block. When right-clicked, makes Hollows spawn more rapidly in a 100 block radius of the bait. Also occasionally makes a Menos Grande spawn. Lasts for 4-6 minutes before disappearing. Using this, Hollows can spawn during the day.

New Items

1) Reiatsu
Bleach ModThis item is energy dropped by Hollows and Wholes. It is used to craft Reiatsu Blocks and other items shown below. When right-clicked, the player “eats” the reiatsu, increasing the amount of energy in their Spiritual Energy Bar if it is not at it’s cap.

2) Zanpakuto
Bleach ModSwords made from Reiatsu. They never break, but have the strength of wooden swords. When charged using right-click and released, they give a bonus to the player based on the mask they are wearing. They become more powerful the higher level you are, and are automatically very strong against spirits.

3) Quincy Bow
Bleach ModBows made of Reiatsu. They have infinite durability, and fire energy arrows that have no sloping trajectory. This bow uses Spiritual Energy to shoot arrows, but it can also shoot Seeleschneiders.

4) Hollow Masks
Bleach ModBleach Mod

Masks that are rare drops of hollows. They have infinite durability, but don’t provide an armor bonus. When a mask is worn, and a zanpakuto is charged and released with right-click, they give bonuses to the player, at a Spiritual Energy toll. Except for the Snake, Wasp and Golem Hollows, who just affect the zanpakuto’s hit passively. Comes in seven flavors!

5) Mask Shards
Bleach Mod
Bleach ModCrafted by putting any Hollow Mask in the crafting table. They are used to make a Mask, that looks like Ichigo’s half-mask. They are also used to make Hollow Bait. Menos Masks give you 3 Mask Shards.

6) Seeleschneider
Bleach ModBleach Mod

Crafted with two iron ingots and a Reiatsu Block. They must be activated by right clicking to extend the blade. It takes 50 Spiritual Energy (Or whatever is left in the bar) to activate it, but you do get it back when it hits an entity. You just have to re-activate it. When extended, they have the strength of a wooden sword, but no durability. If the player has any activated Seeleschneiders in the inventory, they will be fired from the Quincy Bow. The Seeleschneider packs enough power that it will kill plant life as it passes, and can take out a regular Hollow in one hit.

7) Soul Cloth
Bleach ModSoul Cloth is crafted with a Reiatsu Block surrounded by eight Reiatsu. It’s only use is to craft Shinigami Robes, a new type of armor.

8)Shinigami Robes
Bleach ModShingami Robes are crafted like normal armor, but with Soul Cloth. They take a humongous amount of reiatsu to create, but give good bonuses. A full set of Shinigami Robes protects the player as much as leather, but never wears out. Each piece of the armor set also makes the Zanpakuto stronger when worn, but also makes the Quincy Bow less powerful.

9)Quincy Armor
Bleach ModQuincy Robes are crafted like Shinigami Robes, but they have Lapis Lazuli blocks in them. They also never wear out, but give a little less protection than leather. Each piece of the armor set increases the power of the Quincy Bow, but in return decreases the strength of the Zanpakuto.

10) Ginto
Bleach ModA little bottle that one can fill with spiritual energy by right-clicking. Used to activate Sprenger, and will have many other quincy-related uses in the future. See “Other” for how to do Sprenger.

New Mobs

1) Hollows
Bleach Mod
Bleach Mod
Bleach Mod
Bleach Mod\
Bleach Mod
Bleach ModEvil spirits that roam the land, attacking the player and any Wholes it can find. They have a LOT of health. They drop Reiatsu and rarely Hollow Masks. Come in six flavors as of now: Bat Hollow, Spider Hollow, Blaze Hollow, Golem Hollow, Snake Hollow and Wasp Hollow. Each Hollow has a potion effect that they give the player on hitting them.

2) Wholes
Bleach ModPeaceful spirits that only wish to be saved. Right click them with a Zanpakuto to send them on their way, and they may reward you. They follow you when you have a Zanpakuto equipped.

3) Menos Grande
Bleach ModBleach ModA Menos compared to some trees.

Enormous Hollows that destroy blocks in their way. 20 blocks tall, with over 100 health, these are formidable foes. They only spawn in the overworld rarely when Hollow Bait is used, and they spawn in the Nether. They destroy grass, wood and many other blocks instantly, and slowly break through stone and other materials. Even a wall of obsidian won’t stop them forever. Rarely may drop a music disc.

4)Grand Fisher and Decoy
Bleach Mod
Bleach ModThe Decoy is a mob that spawns rarely in certain biomes, that looks almost exactly like a Whole. Except for the creepy yellow eyes. When the player hits the Decoy or right-clicks it with a Zanpakuto, it explodes and spawns a Grand Fisher. The Grand Fisher is a creepy Hollow that laughs all creepy-like. Occasionally, he will turn invisible for a few seconds. Rarely drops a music disc.

5) Shinigami
Bleach ModShinigami, or Soul Reapers, spawn randomly in the wild as well. They do not attack the player (to be changed later). They do attack any type of hollow though, and will most likely completely destroy them. Shinigami have ridiculous amounts of health, and drop very little, so there’s really no point to killing them. They wield a zanpakuto.


1) Spiritual Energy Bar
Bleach ModThe spiritual energy bar looks awesome, on the right side of the screen at all times. When the world is first loaded, a player will have a cap of 50 spiritual energy in the bar. By killing hollows with zanpakutos or Quincy Bows, the player can raise the maximum level held in the bar. Levels increase quickly at the beginning, but will take very long to increase at higher levels. The Quincy Bow turns spiritual energy into arrows, taking 10 from the bar with every shot. Activating Seeleschneiders and using mask buffs will also deplete the spiritual energy bar. When left alone, the player will regenerate 5 energy every 30 seconds, or they can “eat” reiatsu to replenish it faster. This will be an essential part of the mod later on.

2) Music Discs
Occasionally, the Grand Fisher and Menos Grande will drop music discs. The two currently dropped are the first title theme of Bleach, and Number One.

3) Sounds
Hollows and Grand Fisher have their own sounds. The Quincy Bow sounds like a real Quincy Bow. The atmosphere is made with background songs from Bleach that come on randomly. Sounds are an extremely important part of the mod.

Cool attack by Ishida, semi-recreated in this mod! Still a work in progress, it will get cooler. Position Seeleschneiders as shown below, and right-click the point of the pentagon with a full Ginto. Then run. Note that Seeleschneiders can only be stuck in certain blocks as of now.Bleach Mod

5)Random Textures
Instead of having clones of hollows attacking, this mod features some random textures for the mobs involved. See the below picture for the variants of some of the mobs.Bleach Mod



  1. um hey i downloaded it and it fails to open minecraft and it says that the entity energy arrow is not working

    • Look to my channel on
      It’s on portuguese but you can search for “Bleach mod 1.5.2”
      Open the video and make the download, that it’s on the description
      tks, sorry about my English

  2. hay in trying to use that pentagon thing but it wont work please help

  3. ifiyt

  4. i cant make the zanpakuto for some reason

    • Most likely your using 1.6.4 or up and you cant use iron. so put 8 reaitsu around one iron ingot and it makes a soul steel. Then use the same craft recipes to make a zanpakuto, but instead of iron use soul steel.

  5. i cant make the quincy bow. someone plz help

  6. You have to be a quincy to craft the quincy bow

  7. Also if above 1.6.4 then you have to craft the quincy pendant not the bow

  8. I can’t upgrade my zanpakuto 🙁 I dunno how..Please help me..Someone please

  9. da shit, ;_;

  10. how do i flash step

  11. ugh i don’t know why but it won’t let me make any ginto. What is the block at the bottom? cause that’s what seems to be throwing me off. It’s four iron ingots then a reisu block right?

  12. the screenshots are outdated and a ginto has not been in the mod for quite some time now

  13. nice mod thanks

  14. how do i gain hollow evolution points?



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