BlockPlacer Screenshots

ca9a0  yNXouia BlockPlacer Screenshots

With BlockPlacer, you have control over where blocks are placed – if you can reach any side of a block, you can choose to place on a different side. Perfect for building down from a floating island, or outwards, or upwards while staying under cover from those pesky ghasts. Or, like Wreckage, for getting into those hard to reach places without breaking everything.

ca9a0  yCvsgpy BlockPlacer Screenshots

A Reminder icon displays when BlockPlacer is active, and shows what direction the block will be placed …

ca9a0  fKPqliW BlockPlacer Screenshots

When you are holding a block that can be placed, a wireframe appears to show where the block will be placed…

ca9a0  FDYFDG0 BlockPlacer Screenshots

With AutoRepeat mode you can just keep clicking to keep placing blocks in the same direction – as far as you can reach …

ca9a0  C4jJDfs BlockPlacer Screenshots

But if you’d prefer to change direction, just change it and keep going …

23e21  aS4iQ5H BlockPlacer Screenshots

The SmartStart option automatically tries to pick the side you want to place on based on where you are standing and the side of the block that you select.

Perfect for building up, down or outward …

23e21  h6l4Cgt BlockPlacer Screenshots


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