BossCraft 2 Information

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Scorpions spawn in deserts and have the ability to poison you. They often spawn in groups which makes them pretty dangerous for lost adventurers. They drop Desert Orbs on death.

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Rogues can be found in Plains and Forest biomes. They are fast and deadly and often attack in groups. There are also Rogues that know how to use a bow so killing them alone might be hard.

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Creepy Blocks that can be found in Mountain Biomes are extremely dangerous. When they land they create an explosion that can kill you instantly! Stay away from these guys unless you have some sort of ranged weapon to fight them.

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Watch out for Fire Warrios once you entered the Nether. These guys spawn usually alone but sometimes they team up on you and get extremely dangerous!

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At night things get even more creepier. There are Wraiths that follow you. They can give you wither potion effects and disappear when you attack them.

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Each Boss fight is unique and you need a special strategy to kill them. Full Diamond armor is recommended.

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Each Boss has some Special attacks that can be pretty dangerous if you’re not careful.

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Some Bosses spawn Minions to help them.

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Each Boss has a 100% chance to drop a specific weapon. All these weapons have different abilities and benefits.

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You can also use the weapons of each Boss to create a certain Soul that has unbelievable powers once you activate it. But if you don’t deactivate it, the Soul becomes more and more unstable and finally kills you…


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