Builder Screenshots and Recipes

Unique Homes
Builder ModCrafting…the icon has been updated but the crafting is still the same…

Builder Mod


Tree House
Builder Mod

Snow Man
Builder Mod

Sand Castle
Builder Mod

Builder Mod

Hobbit Home
Builder Mod

Right click on the block with these objects in hand for each different structure to be created…

  • Tree House_______Hammer
  • Snow Man________Coal
  • Sand Castle______Stone Shovel
  • Igloo____________Snowball
  • Hobbit Home_____Wooden Sword
  • Wizard Shop_____Fermented Spider Eye

Standard Village
Builder ModCrafting…again the Icon has been updated but the crafting is still the same

Builder Mod


Builder Mod

Right click with these objects in hand for the various structures that you would find in a village

  • Church_________________Book
  • Black Smith_____________Hammer
  • Cubic House____________Wood Axe
  • Fenced Cubic House______Stone Axe
  • House with Fenced Yard___Iron Hoe
  • Hut____________________Stick
  • Library_________________Paper
  • Small Garden___________Stone Hoe
  • Well__________________Empty Bucket
  • Big House_____________Gold Axe
  • Big Garden____________Gold Hoe

Builder ModCrafting…once again updated icon is above, crafting is still the same

Builder Mod


Builder Mod

These items will trigger the different structures

  • Belfry________________Iron Helmet
  • Belltower_____________EmptyBucket
  • GardenBuilding________Wheat
  • Crops________________Wood Hoe
  • Dojo_________________Wood Sword
  • Great Hall____________Raw Beef
  • Large House__________Iron Sword
  • Large Shop___________Gold Sword
  • Diety Shrine__________Feather
  • Magistrate___________Diamond Sword
  • Medium House_______Brick
  • Pagoda_____________Emerald
  • Shrine______________Stick
  • Castle______________Nether Star

Other Recipes:
SawBuilder Mod


Builder Mod


Builder Mod

Builder Table

Builder Mod


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