Building Box Screenshots

Tree Box

The tree box deploys a tree when it receives a redstone signal.
Building Box Mod

Normal Box

There are currently 8 types of normal boxes:
Cobblestone, Wooden Planks, Stone Bricks, Bricks, Iron Blocks, Gold Blocks, Diamond Blocks and Emerald Blocks. Every normal box holds up to 16 blocks.
Every time it receives a redstone pulse, it will deploy a block on top of it (Up to 4 blocks high).
Building Box Mod

Right-Clicking on this block will invert the box therefore packaging the blocks back inside the box.
Building Box Mod

Box Switcher

The box switcher allows you to automatically change whether the box deploys or packages block. This is done by placing the box switcher under a box and sending it a redstone pulse.
Building Box Mod

Golem Box

The golem boxes just deploy the types of golem shown on the front. Currently there are 2 golem boxes: Snow and Iron.


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