Cart, Loom and Wheel Screenshots and Recipes

>MC+ Wheel
The Wheel: the next Big thing

Adds a Wooden Wheel. Used to craft more complex items.

Crafting Recipes:

You need me. You want me. Everyone wants the Wooden Wheel. No doubt about it. I am your future if you want to make anything. Bring eight sticks and a slime ball to the table and then we will talk. *wink*
(Translation: Craft the Wooden Wheel with eight sticks and a slime ball in the middle. The Wooden Wheel is used in many other mods.)

>MC+ Loom
Hate killing all those spiders? Get a loom!

Adds a Wooden Loom that can transform wool to string, but requires time and a heap of sticks.

Crafting Recipes:

Furnish your house with a new block: the Wooden Loom. You can now transform wool to string with this new machine, just feed it some sticks and time, rewarding you with 4 strings per wool. You can also use shears, they last longer than wooden sticks. The loom, having its unique shape, also has animation while it works! A little experience is also given as you make more string. This woodcraft also supports your redstone creations, utilizing comparators and hoppers, similar to a furnace. Hoppers add/take items depending on the side it is place on. Craft your loom today, using planks and the infamous Wooden Wheel (MC+ Wheel)! How’d you get a Wooden Wheel you ask? MORE STICKS! Better stock up on those random extra sticks laying around.

Requires MC+ Wheel

MC+ Cart
Transportation at its finest.

Adds Wooden Cart to carry chests, crafting table, furnaces, jukeboxes, and animals.

Crafting Recipes:

Haul your chest. Haul your furnace. Haul your jukebox, because you need your tunes. Haul your cat, because it is jumping off cliffs. The list goes on…

Requires MC+ Wheel




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