Cave Generation Screenshots


Here is a comparison of three worlds all generated using the same seed (-123775873255737467), centered around spawn:

Default 1.7.x cave generation for comparison purposes:

e0bd3  Cave Generation Mod 1 Cave Generation Screenshots

No caves; ravines, mineshafts, and lakes still generate; it is also important to note that dungeons are extremely rare without caves, although the loot can be found in chests elsewhere (music discs from creepers, dungeons also have only two out of 12):

e0bd3  Cave Generation Mod 2 Cave Generation Screenshots

Old cave generation; generates the same way as versions through 1.6.4, including across old-new chunks (no cut-off caves):

e0bd3  Cave Generation Mod 3 Cave Generation Screenshots

Double old cave generation; twice as many caves as old cave generation:

e0bd3  Cave Generation Mod 4 Cave Generation Screenshots


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