Chainz Screenshots and Recipes

[1] Chainz is inspired by innovation to create new ways to create in game Minecraft Items legit and to provide a brand new transportation feature, along with fresh weaponry.

[2]Chainz ModHreader Block: Allows wool and Iron ingots to create string and Iron wire.
[Threader] A special block that allows Wool Blocks and Iron Ingots to create string and Iron Wire.Chainz Mod
Placing: The Threader can be place on the side of most Block surfaces.
Upon newly placed Block or after use, the Threader requires a random amount of time to (Re)Activate.

Chainz Mod
When the main arm is downwards and smoke has faded, the Threader is now ready for use.

Chainz Mod
Usage: Player with either a Wool Block or Iron Ingot in hand must hold right click towards the Threader. You should hear a ticking sound.
After enough processing has been completed, (4) newly string or Iron Wire will fall to the ground.

*Wool Block or Iron Ingot is consumed in the process*

Chainz ModChainz Mod

[3]Chainz ModIron Wire materials: New Iron wire that can be crafted into more complex materials.

[Iron Wire] Threaded from an Iron Ingot, used to create other required materials.
[Iron Chainlink] Basic part of crafting chain related Items and Equipment.Chainz Mod
[Iron Chain] A climbable block that is placed vertically from blocks.

Chainz Mod

Chains can be linked to other chains, and if a chainline is destroyed all chains below the break will fall.

Chainz Mod

Chainz Mod

[Chain Mail Equipment]

Iron Chainlinks can be used to craft Chainmail Armor. Finally Minecrafts in between leather and Iron Armor is craftable.
Chainmail Helmet:

Chainz Mod
Chainmail Chestplate:

Chainz Mod
Chainmail Leggings:

Chainz Mod
Chainmail Boots:

Chainz Mod

[4]Chainz Mod Fiber-wire: Used to create improved Minecraft equipment and new weaponry.

[Fiber-Wire] A very study string/wire hybrid, much stronger then string.
Chainz Mod
[Fiber-wired Bow] A much stronger bow with more durability and arrow damage.Chainz Mod
Durability: 450

Damage: 2 – 4 – 6 hearts damage *Based on Bow Draw*

[Garrote Wire] An assassins best friend, allows stealth kills to targets.

Chainz Mod

*Garrote Wire can only be used while player is invisible and must be used at a very close range*
Durability: 5 uses

Kill-able targets: All mobs, players, creatures that max health is below 50 hearts.
Usage: Hold Right click to string out the weapon, release when player is in kill zone.
Upon a successful kill, Invisibly will fade from player and Garrote wire is damaged.

[5]Chainz Mod Iron Chain Elevator: Players can now create hand powered elevators for all their transportation needs.
The heart of Chainz is the Elevator Block. Players are able to create a hand powered elevator to transport themselves mods and items vertically in the world of Minecraft.*Note pictures and Item Frames do not work well with elevators

And Chests like to reset their facing direction… which is being looked into*

[Iron Chain Elevator] A simple yet powerful block to create vertical elevators.

Chainz Mod
The process of creating a successful working Iron Chain Elevator.
1. Place the Elevator block upon the platform you wish to use as your Base. Bases can be any shaped based on the X and Z axis, up to a 7 x 7 grid. (Gaps/ holes/Pillars are ok). However the whole base must be the same block to move with the elevator.

Chainz Mod
Supported Platform block materials: *Make sure the Platfrom material is supported*

2. Place 1 lever adjacent to the Elevator Block or on the Side of the Elevator Block. A lever controls the elevators up and down direction. *Best results place the Lever on the side of the Elevator block. When lever is up – Elevator goes up for an easy indicator*

Chainz Mod

3. Setting max vertical movement lengths is based on how long your chain-line is.

-The elevator will move up until 1 Iron chain is between the Elevator Block and the top mounting block.

-The elevator will move down until 1 Iron chain is between the Elevator Base Block (platform base) the bottom mounting block.

Chainz Mod

4. Add your finishing touches to your Elevator. You can place blocks, items and chests up to 4 blocks high on top of the Base Platform. *Only objects placed on top of the base platform will move with the elevator*

Chainz Mod

5. Right click the Elevator block to move Elevator up or down based on lever postion.
**Bonus: You can even have other chains as supports, to give your Elevator even more unique style**

Chainz Mod
Over all have fun and be imaginative!! Below are other examples of possibles.

Chainz Mod

Chainz Mod

Chainz Mod

Chainz Mod

Chainz Mod

Chainz Mod

[6]Chainz Mod Slingshot: New range weaponary that uses seeds and other items as ammo.
Slingshot are much weaker then their other range counter part, The bow. However they make up in cheap crafting, and various ammo.Chainz Mod

each hit slows -or- confuses the target (based on Player or NPC).

[Slingshot] A small light range weapon able to use various things as ammo.

Chainz Mod
Durability: 50

Damage: Provides 1 Heart damage + ammo damage to hit targets.

[Fiber-wired Slingshot] A strengthen slingshot using fiber-wire, enhanced durability and damage.

Chainz Mod
Durability: 100

Damage: Provides 1 1/2 Heart damage + ammo damage to hit targets.
[Current Slingshot Ammo Types]

Slingshot ammo is automatically supplied to the slingshot while in players inventory. The Strongest ammo will be used first.

-In order from weakest to strongest ammo-

  • Seeds: Ammo Damage: 1 Heart
  • Melon Seeds: Ammo Damage: 1 1/2 Heart
  • Pumpkin Seeds: Ammo Damage: 1 1/2 Heart
  • Cocoa Beans: Ammo Damage: 1 1/2 Heart
  • Spider Eye: Ammo Damage: 1 Heart, Special Perk: Poisons targets for 5 sec.
  • Netherwart: Ammo Damage: 1 Heart, Special Perk: Withers target for 5 sec.
  • Fireball Charge: Ammo Damage: 1 Heart, Special Perk: Sets target on fire for10 sec.


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