Chisels and Bits Screenshots

Custom Fence Design – A small pen for sheep created using the mod.

A Custom Stone Path and Custom Clay Roof.

Custom roof and stone bit path – Using the mod to create a stylized path of stones and a mild sloping roof.

Find the way to your buried treasure with custom clues – The mod was used to create a custom sign that points toward the goal.

A Custom Welcome sign make foam oak trees over a path. — Custom Sign created from oak logs and oak planks, the text is written in coal.

Create Stairs with other materials — Creating the wondrous smooth stone stairs.

Tables to keep your fancy creations on. — A custom table made of oak logs, planks, and stone.

Dressing up Quartz Pillars and Accents — Using Chisels to Give Pillars some depth and some gold Lines to some obsidian.

Custom Tall Torches — Create Fancy Mounts for torches/levers or other things, as long as there is a flat surface in the middle of the chiseled block you can place item frames, levers or torches on them



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