CocoaCraft Recipes


You can use cocoa wood exactly as normal wood:

1bc93  crafting logs by wh reaper d4s70ol CocoaCraft Recipes

1bc93  smelting coal by wh reaper d4s70q2 CocoaCraft Recipes

Crafting mugs:

1bc93  crafting mugs by wh reaper d4s70qw CocoaCraft Recipes

Filling them with milk:

1bc93  crafting milk mugs by wh reaper d4s70s0 CocoaCraft Recipes

And making cocoa:

1bc93  crafting cocoa mugs by wh reaper d4tag5l CocoaCraft Recipes

Roasting coffee seeds:

1bc93  smelting coffee seeds by wh reaper d4sobfd CocoaCraft Recipes

Filling mugs with water:

1bc93  crafting water mugs by wh reaper d4sobia CocoaCraft Recipes

Making coffee:

53dd1  crafting coffee mugs by wh reaper d4tag0x CocoaCraft Recipes

Block and item ID’s and rarity of cocoa trees and coffee plants are now changeable via config file located in .minecraft/config/mod_cocoa. Warning: If you change ID’s of blocks (or items) you already have in your world, the blocks in your world will be replaced/deleted. There is no way to prevent this, so change ID’s with caution!


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