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This mod currently adds 10 new world features:

  • Mob spawners
  • Silverfish nests
  • Landmines
  • Potion traps
  • Towers
  • Lava veins
  • Spawner veins
  • Silverfish veins
  • Chests
  • Bosses

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Mob Spawners

Mob spawners are mob spawners. These generate pretty much wherever they want in caves. Spawners also have a chance to be armored (covered in obsidian) or have a chest. Occasionally, an “armored spawner” will really be a trick spawner – a harmless chest covered in obsidian, but how can you tell the difference?
Creeper spawners have a 1% chance to spawn charged creepers (this can be disabled). You will know when the next spawn will be charged – the little spinning creeper will have the glow, too!
There is a special spawner type available for spawners in this mod called “random” – random spawners change the mob they spawn each time, based on the weights in the config file.
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Silverfish Nests

Assuming silverfish are the essence of evil, silverfish nests are the root of all evil. These structures generate in caves and are effectively just silverfish spawners surrounded by silverfish blocks. Silverfish nest spawners spawn 2-4 times faster that a normal spawner, but only spawn if you are within five blocks.
As everyone knows, silverfish gather all sorts of things and bring them into their nest. Usually, you can find at least something useful inside the nest.
Watch out for nearby silverfish veins if you choose to take on a nest!
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Landmines are found on the floors of caves at any depth, but tend to be more common at the bottoms of ravines and at lava level.
Technically, they are mob spawners that spawn TNT. However, they have a little surprise waiting for you if you get close! If you are careful and notice them, however, you may be able to destroy them without setting them off.
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Potion Traps

Potion traps are a lot like landmines, except they shoot splash potions instead of TNT. There are three very evil flavors: harm, poison, and a particularly nasty one called daze. Harm and poison are pretty simple, they are just splash potions of harm and poison, respectively. Daze is a little different – instead of damaging you, it’ll cover you with all sorts of nasty effects, reducing your ability to do… anything.
If you’re tricky, you can get past one of these unscathed, of course.
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Towers are two (or more, if generated over a lake) blocks tall, and shoot arrows in random directions. Like the mines, they are also technically mob spawners that spawn arrows.
There are several tower types, all with a fire arrow version. Usually, the block under the arrow spawner will be cobblestone, with a chance to be mossy cobblestone (75%, same as a dungeon floor). However, sometimes it may be a rogue mob spawner, another arrow spawner, or even a chest! The chest is equivalent to a “stronghold crossing” chest, which is usually pretty crappy, but sometimes has a good amount of iron (if you have a mod that changes that chest generation, the tower chests will be changed, too).
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Lava Veins

Lava veins, or pockets, are just like any ore vein, except you won’t see them on the walls of caves. Lava veins will always be entirely hidden, just waiting for you to mine one of the retaining blocks to unleash a lava flow! Alternatively, if you like to mine straight down, lava veins will help make you dead!
These only spawn at or below gold level (32), and are twice as common as gold by default.
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Spawner Veins

These are just like your normal cave spawners, only they generate in solid rock. Spawner veins have a wider spawn range, but a shorter activation distance, so they will spawn mobs in nearby open spaces.
Spawner veins do not have the option to be trick spawners, but still may generate armor and/or a chest.
The same types of spawners are available as for cave spawners, but vein spawners have separately configurable spawner type weights.
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Silverfish Veins

Something seems a little fishy about these. These are veins of silverfish blocks, which look exactly like stone. Think of it as “experience ore”, only unlike actual experience ore, you can’t tell where it is, and it comes to life to try and kill you.
Silverfish veins generate anywhere coal does (up to level 128), but isn’t as common by default. Silver veins are usually a bit larger than coal veins, too.
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Chests will generate randomly in caves, filled with all sorts of loot. Generally, the deeper a chest is, the better loot it may contain (the best loot is between layers 16 and 32, right above diamond level).
Don’t worry – chests don’t stop at that! If you thought chests should try to kill you too, you probably won’t be disappointed! Good luck!
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Bosses are really strong mobs that you might find below layer 42. Bosses have randomly generated names and are much stronger than normal mobs, having four times as much health by default. In addition, they have a higher chance to be equipped with weapons and armor and will always have at least one, unique piece of equipment named after the boss (as shown above). Bosses always drop their unique equipment, which is usually very well-enchanted with effects that can only be gotten through an anvil (sometimes resulting in combinations only available in creative mode).
Unlike normal mobs, bosses do not respawn or despawn. Bosses are only generated with the world and generally stay still until you come near them.


4129b  g5fzMSW Deadly World Screenshots

Deadly World overrides vanilla dungeon generation. While it doesn’t make any major changes to dungeons, it does try to make them a little less friendly.
Also, the mod allows you to configure how many dungeon placement attempts are made per chunk.

Dungeons have configurable mob spawners, just like the “rogue” spawners added by the mod. Dungeon spawners have one extra option, however; they may also be silverfish spawners. Dungeon spawners have their own weights and armor chance in the config file.

Sometimes, instead of a spawner dungeon, you may find a tower dungeon. Towers may not be very active at hunting you down and killing you, but they also can’t be disabled by torches. Just like towers found in caves, dungeon towers can generate in several different flavors (they even use the same config chances). That means a tower dungeon could still have a mob spawner or even a little extra loot!

But wait, there’s more! Any cobblestone in a dungeon has a chance to be infested with silverfish. This chance is, like nearly everything else, configurable.

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