Dragon Tools Screenshots


All of the items that this mod will add to Minecraft.

3f8ae  Dragon Tools Mod 1 Dragon Tools Screenshots

From left to right – Dragonstone, Unrefined Ender Ingot, Ender Ingot, Dragon Sword, Dragon Pickaxe, Dragon Shovel, Dragon Axe, Dragon Hoe, Dragon Helmet, Dragon Body, Dragon Legs, Dragon Boots. The wall the item frames are on is made of Blocks of Ender (green) and Dragonstone (purple).

Dragon Armour

38665  Dragon Tools Mod 2 Dragon Tools Screenshots

Dragonstone Ore

38665  Dragon Tools Mod 3 Dragon Tools Screenshots

These veins are found anywhere in The End, be it on the surface, or underground. Be careful excavating in this disastrous place. Be sure to keep the dragon away from these ores, as he will destroy them upon impact, unlike End Stone and Obsidian.

970c9  Dragon Tools Mod 4 Dragon Tools Screenshots

As you can see, they drop Dragonstone immediately, so there’s no need to smelt the ore.


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