Easy Items Recipes



First, you craft 9 coal into Compressed Coal. If you go into the config file, you can change the value of ‘Renewable’ from 0, to 1, then you can craft compressed coal out of charcoal to make diamonds renewable

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Then you smelt that Compressed Coal into an Diamond Shard:

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Then, you craft those Shards into an Imperfect Diamond:

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Finally, you smelt that into a Diamond f5356  smile Easy Items Recipes

f5356  ScreenShot2012 10 24at94540PM Easy Items Recipes


First, craft Infused Iron by surrounding an Iron Ingot with Glow Dust:

f5356  ScreenShot2012 10 24at94628PM Easy Items Recipes

Then, you smelt that into a Gold Ingot:

019c0  ScreenShot2012 10 24at94747PM Easy Items Recipes

Blaze Rods

First, you craft Iron Nuggets out of an Iron Ingot:

019c0  ScreenShot2012 10 24at94701PM Easy Items Recipes

Then, you craft an Iron Rod:

019c0  ScreenShot2012 10 24at94723PM Easy Items Recipes

Finally, you dip the Iron Rod in Lava:

019c0  ScreenShot2012 10 24at94733PM Easy Items Recipes

Red Stone

The only thing you have to do for Red Stone, is combine an Iron Nugget with some Red Dye:

019c0  ScreenShot2012 10 24at95324PM Easy Items Recipes

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