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Eldritch Empires Mod

They come in 4 varieties, regular ZoblinsZoblin BombersZoblin Warriors and the much more difficult Zoblin Boss. Make sure to kill bombers quickly, as they can blow up and destroy the collector.

Rabid Dwarfs

These come in 3 regular varieties, the normal Rabid DwarfsDwarf Miners and Dwarf Warriors. Miners carry a pickaxe that they use to destroy blocks, so be careful. There’s also the Dwarven Demolitionist, a boss mob that throws bombs. Destroy them quick before they explode!


Check the recipes section for how to make the blocks that spawn them. A couple other notes, they can take a little while to spawn at first, and if it’s killed, just wait a little bit and another one should spawn in its place.

The golem wand is used to upgrade your defensive golems. While holding the wand, right click on the spawner block (not the golem itself) to see upgrade options.

Level 1 costs: 5 experience levels
Level 2 costs: 10 experience levels plus 1 condensed magic essence
Level 3 costs: 15 experience levels plus 2 condensed magic essences


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