Elemental Cows Screenshots

Fire Cow – 100hp, sets enemies on fire, when dies creates explosion – spawns in nether, yet nothing special , but its coming soon!
2014 09 29 21 24 57 Elemental Cows Screenshots

Lightning Cow – 100hp, shoots lightning at enemies, when dies creates 20x lightning strike – spawns in nether, yet nothing special, but its coming soon!
2014 09 29 21 24 36 Elemental Cows Screenshots
Wind Cow – 100hp,is faster 25% then normal speed, launches you into the air when hits you, deals 7.5damage

Dark Cow – 110hp, on attack, withers and blindnes enemies, deals 8.5damage

How does cows look like?

2014 09 29 21 23 55 Elemental Cows Screenshots

too do:

Earth Cow
Water Cow


Fire Shard

Water Shard

Wind Shard

Earth Shard

Lightning Shard


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