EnderOre Compatibility

Enderore is compatible with others mods :
here are the macerator recipes :
EnderOre Mod
refinery recipe for ender fuel :
EnderOre Mod EnderOre Mod
EnderOre Mod
refinery recipe for ender coolant :
EnderOre Mod
and with IC2 coolant (10k/30k/60k coolant cell) :
EnderOre Mod
Fuel for combustion engine :
EnderOre Mod
Good production, same thing for durability but beware of overheating!
But you can also cool down 7 times better!
EnderOre Mod
EnderOre Mod
Buildcraft’s combustion engines ate better, but more dangerous.Forestry’s motors dont blow up.
EnderOre Mod
With 5 logs, you get an enderfluid bukkit and 20 plancs.
Its the easiest way to get some enderfluid, is to use a cokeoffen :
EnderOre Mod
4 logs or 2 coal for a bucket.



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