Erebus Dimension Mobs

Erebus Dimension Mod = Implemented
Erebus Dimension Mod = Working on itErebus Dimension Mod Beetles:

The Beetles are passive mobs, which drop Exoskeleton plates (armor material). They come in 5 different colors: Brown, Red, Green, Blue and Beige.

Erebus Dimension Mod

Erebus Dimension Mod Maggots:

Maggots are a passive mob and they will be one of the main food sources. They drop a Raw maggot, which can be cooked into a Cooked maggot. No other drops planned yet.

Finished model:

Erebus Dimension Mod

Related items:

Erebus Dimension Mod

Raw maggot: Erebus Dimension Mod
Cooked maggot: Erebus Dimension Mod

Erebus Dimension Mod Flies

They will be used to add a little more atmosphere to the dimension. They will have no function in the form of drops, but spiders will probably hunt them down (little extra feature).

Finished model:

Erebus Dimension Mod

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  1. I don’t know how to get a mob.



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