Explosives+ Remake Screenshots

Explosives + Destruction:

The Nuke:

The Mega Nuke:

The TNT Rain:

The C4:

The Sticky TNT:

The Napalm Bomb:

The Precision TNT:

The Slime TNT(Just for fun):

The Configureable TNT and the Wrench:

Inverter Bomb:

The Suicide Vest and the Red Button:


Plasma Beam:

Turn stone in Lava, sand to Glass and evaporate Water!Stick of dynamiteThrow it and…booom!

Other Blocks/Items:

The Circuit board:

The (Micro)Chip:

Can only be placed on circuit boards.
TNT Workbench:

Right click with 1 Gunpowder block and 1 Sand in inventory and you get a TNT.[WIP]
Gunpowder block:

Is it clay? No! It’s GUNPOWDER!!!


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