Extra Buttons Recipes

Stone Panel Button: A larger, easier-to-hit version of the stone button.

5e403  stonePanelButton Extra Buttons Recipes

Wood Panel Button: A larger, easier-to-hit version of the wood button. Also provides a larger target for arrows.

5e403  woodPanelButton Extra Buttons Recipes

Capacitive Touch Block: A button with no mechanical action. Any part of the 6 surfaces can be ‘pressed’ to emit a temporary redstone signal in all directions. An alternative to trapped chests as an easy to hit switch while moving quickly down rail.

5e403  capTouch Extra Buttons Recipes

Illuminated Toggle Buttons: Buttons that act as toggle switches (hold their state until activated again). Comes in 16 colors and illuminate when active. Pre-1.7.2 version does not alter light levels, 1.7.2+ version does. Recipes pre-1.7.2 and 1.7.2+.

5e403  redToggleButton Extra Buttons Recipes
5e403  redToggleButton2 Extra Buttons Recipes

Player Detector Rail: A version of detector rail that only triggers when a player is in the cart.

5e403  playerDetectorRail Extra Buttons Recipes

Player Powered Rail: Combines powered rail and the Player Detector Rail into a single track. Holds empty carts stationary, and propels carts when a player gets into them, along with emitting a redstone signal.

5e403  playerPoweredRail Extra Buttons Recipes

Delay Button: A higher-tech button that can be configured for 4 different delay values. Sneak+Right Click while empty-handed to cycle through they delay values.

e68e9  delayButton Extra Buttons Recipes


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