Extractination Recipes

A midgame block that provides the ability to turn sand and gravel into more valueable resources such as iron, gold etc.

The process of extractination takes 50 seconds per item, and output is not guarenteed every time.

Extractinator Mod extractinator Extractination Recipes

UI Screenshot

Extractinator Mod ui Extractination Recipes


This tool is used to add upgrades to your machine, you can get the upgrade menu by click an extractinator with it.

Extractinator Mod wrench Extractination Recipes


These are used to upgrade your extractinator.

The blank chip does nothing and is only used for crafting.

The smelting chip smelts the output automagically if there is a possible output.

The speed chip halves the time of the extractination.

Blank Chip Crafting

Extractinator Mod blank Extractination Recipes

Speed Chip Crafting

Extractinator Mod speedchip Extractination Recipes

Smelting Chip Crafting

Extractinator Mod smeltchip Extractination Recipes



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