Fake (Monster) Ores Recipes


Anti Ores Blade:

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This weapon allow you to one shot alive ores (fake ores).WARNING : IT DOES NOT WORK FOR ANOTHER MOBS !The AntiOre stone is rare, when you find it, DON’T COLLIDE ! IT WILL INFLICT YOU SEVERE DAMAGE AND YOU WILL (MAYBE) DIE !

Cooked Obsidian:

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The cooked obsidian (or call it "Red Obsidian") will allow you to build the portal to go to the Fake Ores Dimension.

Ore BOSS Spawner:

1391620945 ore boss invoquer Fake (Monster) Ores Recipes

When you collect 4 fragments (shown in the picture) loot from mobs and 4 golden ingot and 1 iron block, You will craft an item allow you to spawn the Ore boss.

Fake Ores Finder:

8A3pJ Fake (Monster) Ores Recipes

This item allow you to find fake ores which are near the player.


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This item allow you to ride the mob Schaza.This item don't have any restrictions for the time.


The Blurk / Daren / Purlight / Rainbow are very rare materials from the FakeOres Dimension, the rarest of them is the Rainbow.These 4 materials will (in a future version) allow you to make new objects, but for now; you can only make decorative blocks:

8A3VD Fake (Monster) Ores Recipes

And it work like this :

8A3WN Fake (Monster) Ores Recipes

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