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  • Elsa (Friendly)
  • Anna (Friendly)
  • Kristoff (Friendly)
  • Hans (Hostile)
  • The Duke of Weselton (Hostile)
  • The Dukes Thugs [1 &2] (Hostile)


Elsa’s Armor:

It is much stronger than diamond and very durable. When the entire Elsa Armor is equipped, you gain the ability to walk on water and lava (the water will change to ice underfoot and lava into obsidian). You also gain Elsa’s power and can shoot an “ice bolt” that will do some damage and turn any block it touches into an ice bloch SO BE VERY CAREFUL. You must lear to control your powers.

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Anna’s Armor:

It is stronger than diamond but not as strong as Elsa’s armor.

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Kristoff’s Armor:

Same as Anna’s armor.

40cfa  V35GNfW Frozencraft Screenshots

Hans’ Armor:

About the same as diamond armor.

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Hans’ Sword:

Does 6.5 damage (between iron and diamond)

40cfa  SYKot1D Frozencraft Screenshots

Kristoff’s Pickaxe:

Equivalent to a diamond pic

40cfa  TOEX1D7 Frozencraft Screenshots

Elsa’s Glove:

When held in hand and right click, it projects snowballs. Spam it all you want!

58fe6  4jvySpc Frozencraft Screenshots

Ice Saw:

It is a multi tool as well so it can be used as an axe or shovel, not a pickaxe though. When Hard ice, there is a 5% chance of a Frozen Heart to drop. It works, I’ve tried it and gotten a frozen heart. Be patient, I promise you’ll get it eventually.

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Frozen Heart:

Obtained by breaking Hard ice with the Ice saw. It is used in Anna and Elsa’s armor crafting recipes. When right clicked while in hand, it will toggledownfall.

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Hard Ice:

Found where normal ice can be found. When broken with the Ice saw there is a 5% chance a Frozen Heart will drop.

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