Fusing Recipes


All about fusing:
Fusing is possible through the crafting of a Fusing Table. You’ll probably only be able to craft a Novice Fusing Table to start with. You craft it like so…
fca44  fusingnovicerecipe Fusing RecipesIt isn’t the best… it has a 50% chance of failing and consuming the items supplied! So, as soon as you can, upgrade it to a Journeyman Fusing Table, like so…
848a5  fusingjourneymanrecipe Fusing Recipes

This has a considerably lower failing rate at 15%. If you aren’t satisfied with this, then make a Master Fusing Table, like sooo…
a5a33  fusingmastertable Fusing Recipes

This baby has a 0% failing rate (but it sure is expensive to make…). All of these tables can use either Duple Dust (200 fuel level) or Duple Fuel (2000 fuel level).

Miscellaneous Fusing Recipes:
Duple Ingot:
a7d72  ingotduplerecipe Fusing Recipes

Duple Fuel:
a7d72  duplefuel Fusing Recipes

Iridian Ingot:
ff91f  iridianingotrecipe Fusing Recipes

Enderian Ingot:
ff91f  ingotenderianrecipe Fusing Recipes

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