Fusion Warfare Screenshots

Step 1
First you need to go mining and find infused crystal ore, which looks like this and can be found between levels 10 and 30.
Step 2
Then you need to mine some iron and coal, before combining them in your crafting interface into Steel Mixture.
Step 3
Smelt the steel mixture in a furnace to get steel ingots. you will need a lot these throughout the game.
Step 4
Next using some steel create an infusion table, which will tell you how to create many of the items needed to progress.
Step 5
This is what the infusion table recipe GUI looks like. It may be a bit overwhelming at first, but it just needs some energy to get started.
Step 6
There are many ways to generate energy in this mod, the cheapest way is to create an aqua generator like so.
Step 7
Place it in the middle of a 3×3 pool of water, as it uses water sources around it.
Step 8
To connect the infusion table to the generator, you need to create network cables like so.
Step 9
Simply attach the cables to the infusion table and the generator.
Step 10
You will notice that the energy is not transferring to the infusion table just yet. This is because the energy needs to pass through a controller, which will also store all the energy the aqua generator produces.
Craft a basic network controller like so.
Step 11
Next place it down right next to the infusion table, as energy will pass through the controller into the table.
Step 12
Now you have energy in your infusion table, and you can get infusing!!!



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