Goblins Recipes


Magical Arrows: Like a normal arrow, just replace flint with any powder:

c6539  Crafting1 Goblins Recipes

Enchanted TNT: Red Powder over TNT:

c6539  crafting2 Goblins Recipes

Arcane TNT: Enchanted TNT (not normal) and Blue Powder:

c6539  crafting7 Goblins Recipes

Crystal: Two powders of same colour:

c6539  crafting3 1 Goblins Recipes

Fire Blade: Like a normal sword, just red crystals instead of the blade material:

c6539  crafting4 Goblins Recipes

Arcane Staff: A blue crystal on two sticks:

c6539  crafting5 Goblins Recipes

Scepter of Life: A green crystal on two sticks:

cb0b0  crafting6 Goblins Recipes

Lightning Staff: Yellow Crystal on two sticks

cb0b0  Crafting11 Goblins Recipes

Teleportation Staff: Add some green to that boring Arcane Staff!

cb0b0  Crafting10 Goblins Recipes

Magic Bow: Standard Bow + Ectoplasm

cb0b0  CraftingNew1 Goblins Recipes

Bombs: Stone + gunpowder + stone:

65266  CraftingNew3 Goblins Recipes

Shuriken: A cobble box:

65266  CraftingNew2 Goblins Recipes


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