Hardcore Enderdragon Changelogs


1.4.6, beta8

  • Stealth attack (non-special, silent bite&punch attack from behind if you don’t pay attention to the dragon)
  • New special attack, secret!
  • Complete AI revamp
    • Easier to implement new attacks
    • New AI that evaluates each attack’s efficiency and influences dragon’s attack picking
    • A ‘carefulness’ element, influencing attacks too, but also key decisions for the dragon to survive
    • Dragon’s much more likely to get rid of weak and damaged players first
    • Less random, more IQ
  • Few tweaks for attacks – some of them are faster, played around with timing and AI…
  • Performance optimizations, many people had problems with FPS (like huge lagspikes destroying crystals)
  • Wing speed fixed
  • Many SMP fixes, thanks to ssp and smp merge in 1.3!
  • Rewritten reward system
  • Extremely lowered amount of XP to combine items with books
  • Only one legit way of getting the dragon egg

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